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Corporate Training Courses

For 30 years, we have delivered tangible improvements to organisations by enabling their leaders, managers and professionals to reach their full potential through transformational learning experiences. We design and deliver over 100 short courses across a wide range of disciplines. Our corporate training courses are offered face to face in global locations such as London, Dubai, and Hong Kong, online in virtual classrooms, and in blended learning formats. We combine senior-level practical experience with academic thinking to bring together experts across a wide range of disciplines in order to help delegates acquire highly relevant knowledge and skills that they are able to implement immediately in their roles. We are well-known for providing excellent client service, as evidenced by our high levels of client satisfaction and repeat business year after year.

Our Value Proposition

We meet our clients’ requirements by providing:

  • Our training consultants have conducted training to over 20,000 delegates from 90 countries around the world and possess a combined 400+ years experience in all aspects of management and executive leadership, training and facilitating.
  • Ongoing coaching provided to each attendee for 3 months following completion of a course.
  • Practical skills, processes and tools for maximum implementation.
  • Support materials for ongoing review and reinforcement.
  • High energy, creative, contemporary programs delivered by trainers who walk the talk.
  • Extensive international experience.
  • Learning continuums, utilizing client resources in combination with our own Resources and capabilities to develop customized solutions as required.

Professional Development Courses

In the field of leadership and development training, we strive to be at the leading edge of training provision and indeed, when it comes to professional development courses in London, we are able to meet the needs of our clients.

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