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I would like to thank LCT for all the effort made in helping develop my skills. I really enjoyed the course. The content of the course proved very interesting and I learned a lot. More importantly, the training was very practical. I have been able to put a number of things I learned into practice. I wish to maintain a lasting professional relationship for the time to come.

Project Manager
LimeTree, UK

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Public Relations Management Courses

Our Public Relations courses are designed for all levels of employees – from PR assistants new to the job; to experienced PR Managers and Directors working for national and international organisations; to advisors at Ministerial level in government departments. Participants will learn to lead and manage a successful Public Relations campaign; to create a successful PR strategy; to apply up-to-date PR techniques and methodologies to build a reputation; to organise events; to identify and capitalise on PR opportunities; to manage media effectively; and to manage reputation in times of crisis. Included in this Public Relations courses section are our training programmes on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Protocol and Travel Management; and Strategic Marketing and Brand Management.

* These dates correspond to courses offered outside London