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The staff were very welcoming and friendly. The training was well structured, useful, and intensive. The consultants were highly talented and happy to answer questions on the subject areas. They provided a diverse array of examples which assisted with the learning process. I look forward to being in further contact with LCT in the future.

ICT Manager
Greenstream B.V., Libya

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Amongst the many testimonials we receive each week, here are the latest we have received over the last year:

This has been the best training course I have ever attended. I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the fact that a number of different training consultants were scheduled for the course – and all had extensive experience in the respective subject areas. This added to the variety of the experience. Furthermore, LCT employees were so helpful and kind to me. I wish you all the best.

Counsel for Legal Affairs , Kuwait Oil Tanker Company

The content of the course on all days was very good. I particularly benefitted from LCT’s use of two consultants throughout the week. It was great to have different perspectives and it kept the training fresh and interesting. Furthermore, the consultants were excellent at training being both knowledgeable and clear. Finally, I would like to say that I was impressed with LCT for delivering a personalised service. Everyone knew me by name and were extremely helpful and friendly. I hope to return to LCT in the future.

Operations Manager , Ofgem, United Kingdom

The training course was very good. Thank you.

Senior Product Manager , HSBC, United Kingdom

The course was excellent.

Contract Engineer , Shell, Ukraine

LCT’s understanding of different cultures really made us feel at home during the training. The catered lunches, which included halal dishes from the Middle East were particularly enjoyable. We were also pleased to find out that LCT has a Prayer Room for delegates. I would like to thank you all so much. I will certainly recommend LCT to others.

HR Specialist , Saudi Food and Drugs Authority (SFDA)

The overall experience I had at LCT was excellent. Very good customer service all round – the staff were friendly and attentive to my needs. I was grateful that the course was not cancelled even though I was the only scheduled attendee – the training turned into a one-to-one session which I was very happy with. The consultant did a great job of personalising the course and making the material relevant to my line of work. I also welcomed the provision of handouts after the course. Finally, I found the catered lunch service to be very good in comparison to other training courses I’ve been on.

Contracts Manager , Plexus PLC, United Kingdom

This was a really enjoyable and rewarding week of training. I will certainly be back for the next course.

Deputy Force Financial Controller , Multinational Force and Observers, Israel / Egypt

LCT staff were helpful and attentive beyond the normal call of duty. The consultants were very good in the delivery of the course – both in terms of content and presentation. They mixed seriousness and humour to keep the course interesting and to help us learn.

Chairman , Zenith Bank, Ghana

I have really enjoyed the training. The consultants were well prepared and there was a lot of interactivity on the course. The customer service team was also fantastic, ready to help out at any time. The tour of London and catered lunches came as welcome additions to the training and were enjoyed by all. What differentiates LCT from other providers is that there is a spirit of belonging where delegates feel at home and part of a family.

Payment Manager , Bank of Ghana

I really enjoyed my time at LCT. I learned a lot during the course thanks to the knowledgeable and flexible consultants who were able to answer any questions I had about the subject.

Recruitment and Placement Officer , Chevron, Saudi Arabia