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A. business man holding a plant growing from soil in his hands The way we all do business is changing. Once upon a time, there was a choice to make – respect your profit margins or respect the environment. However, with numerous policies being introduced on both national and international levels to encourage organisations to improve their energy efficiency levels, this is no longer the case. Now, making sure your company is doing everything it can to be sustainable not only helps to promote a positive brand image, but it also goes some way to helping secure a long-term future. That said, business sustainability involves much more than simply changing the lightbulbs and turning the computers off instead of putting them on standby. Indeed, a modern organisation can probably look across its own operations and beyond to the supply chain to identify areas that can be improved upon. Senior managers need to be able to recognise a wide range of risks that can compromise their efficiency, and learning how to measure these variants – carrying out sustainability audits and setting achievable but relevant targets – is essential. It could be said that this is the easy part, though. One challenge that many top level executives face is changing the culture of their workforce to match their aims. Achieving business sustainability isn’t just about making investment in the right areas, but also collaborating with staff to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction. As a result, engaging with personnel and other stakeholders is crucial, while it might also be the case that your company would benefit from involving the local community – therefore developing a strategy to reach out to the different demographics is another challenge that managers face. So, have you already started moving in this direction? Are you confident you are doing everything you can to succeed? Our own business sustainability courses – each lasting for one week – are run several times throughout the year.



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