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What Does Working in HR Involve?

The main responsibility of HR staff is to advise the employer and employees, this could be anything from internal disputes to changes in staff contracts. However, working in HR is a varied role and this requires the team to help out with all areas of the business too.

So, what can you expect in a HR role? Read on for all you need to know.


HR employees may be involved in the entire recruitment process or could simply be responsible for advising. From interviewing and reference checking to drawing up contracts and creating new starter packs, you may be expected to help in any of these areas.

Managing staff relationships

Problems between staff members are bound to crop up at some point, but when the situation becomes serious HR staff are there to intervene. Whether a staff member is being bullied by their colleague or disagreements are getting personal, these difficult conversations require professional intervention. Ensuring that employee well-being is a top priority will only benefit the business and create a happy working environment for everyone.


In HR, administrative duties include keeping up to date employment records, writing employee handbooks, organising payroll, organising annual leave and everything in between. Although administrative experience is beneficial, training can also be provided on the job. Admin is a big part of the job in all different forms and this requires strong attention to detail.

Maintaining policies

There are a lot of law and regulations that need to be maintained in business and it’s usually down to the HR staff to ensure these are met. Areas such as working conditions, absence management, equal opportunities and employment law all require long-term strategies and that’s where HR staff can help.

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