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A hand holding cut out words including coaching One of the really interesting aspects of training is that it is constantly evolving – if you speak to our training facilitators, they’ll all tell you they’re still learning something new every day! With this in mind, it’s always important to understand where the industry is going and how we can stay ahead of the curve to ensure our own methods are up to date and as effective as they can be. So what are likely to be the training trends across the sector over the next year? And will any of these be coming to one of your training courses any time soon?

Mobile technology

A large part of how training develops of the coming months will depend on technological advancements. With the engagement of delegates an obvious priority, one possible outcome could be the inclusion of mobile technology to get attendees involved in sessions. This could take the form of smartphone applications, with participants logging in during the course and carrying out exercises like interactive polls or quizzes. There is already some evidence to suggest the wheels are in motion for this trend to come to fruition in the near future, with Aberdeen Group research finding the prevalence of mobile tools for learning has increased two-fold recently.

Interactive, live content

Closely linked to technology, content is also likely to change as training organisations update their learning tools. We’ve already mentioned the possibility of interactive polls being carried out live in the training room, but this isn’t where it ends, with role-play programs and a wider range of available online resources that can be accessed live during a seminar just some of the likely ways content will adapt. The expectations of clients are likely to increase as advancements in technology become more widely available – and as a result, facilitators will be looking to match those expectations without compromising on the quality of training they are able to carry out. It’s certainly not a new phenomenon – many of our facilitators have been doing their job for decades, and have consistently been able to adapt their teaching styles to accommodate the developing needs of their delegates.

Developing core skills

With the global economy slowly improving, businesses are likely to start moving away from focusing on their short-term needs. As a result, there shall be much more attention directed towards sending staff to corporate training that focuses on developing their core skills to help achieve long-term personnel productivity. This ‘back-to-basics’ approach could impact on the popularity of courses that focus on skills like communication, teamwork and creativity, meaning there would be a greater demand for this type of session. Of course, these are all just estimations and we could see some complete surprises as the year develops. One thing is for sure though, you can’t afford to stay still – whether you’re a training provider or a business who outsources its training – so keeping a close eye on whatever trends emerge should be high on everyone’s priority list.



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