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The Benefits of Consultative Selling

There are many different styles when it comes to selling, from friendly to fierce. Many salespeople still employ tactics which put their product front and centre rather than their customers. However, the consultative selling style ensures that the main focus is always the prospect.

What is the Aim of Consultative Selling

The main aim of consultative selling is to always ensure that a customer’s needs are front and centre during the sales process. The goal is to understand their needs and create a solution together in a bespoke manner which helps their business. The key of the consultative process is to ask a number of questions which help you get to the crux of an issue and then sell a tailored solution.

Better Relationships are Made

When a salesperson puts their customer’s needs before their own agendas or needs, this naturally leads to far better relationships in the process as the customer doesn’t feel as though they’re simply being sold to but actively advised and assisted with the development of their business.

Places the Salesperson as a Knowledgable Person

Being able to work through problems by asking intelligent and probing questions and being able to answer return questions accurately and quickly places you – the salesperson – as the ‘thought-leader’ in whatever industry you work in. Even when you’re not selling to your clients at presentations, forwarding interesting articles which relate to a subject you’ve been discussing and highlights your points will further develop your reputation as an expert in your field and increase the likelihood of future sales.

More Opportunity for Further Sales

Following on from the above point, by consulting with your clients, proving that your products are effective and creating relationships with your customers, you can increase the likelihood of upselling to your clients and getting more business from them going forward.


By employing this type of sales, you can differentiate yourself from the countless other salespeople who your client works with. Giving yourself a unique selling point means that you may be able to get a greater market share of the business over your competitors.

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