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We are pleased to advise that the rules for international travel to England are continuing to change, with further changes on 11 October 2021 making it much easier for people that are fully vaccinated to travel to England.

The UK Government has published a full set of rules here. Our summary is provided below:

When are the rules changing?
The new rules come into effect on Monday 11th October 2021

I am fully vaccinated. Can I travel to England?
Yes, you can, and you only need to prove that you are fully vaccinated (under an approved vaccination program at least 14 days prior to travel) and take one COVID test within 2 days of arrival.

That’s it! You do NOT need to take a pre-departure COVID test, quarantine upon arrival, or take another COVID test after 8 days This applies to all of LCT’s key markets, including Bahrain, Ghana, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Egypt.

We are very happy to speak to potential delegates/organisations wishing to travel to London to take our training programmes to provide guidance on these new rules.

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