A unique proposition

Led by experts from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge the seminars are designed to deliver tangible improvements to teams and organisations through the blending of academic theories and real world practices.

Through access to renowned experts, these seminars enable participants to learn how technological innovation is driving organisational change and how to sustain superior leadership in a 21st century environment.

We combine unrivalled business expertise and the latest research on a wide range of current and emerging topics. We deliver relevant, inspiring insights.


Who is it for?

Our seminars are for organisational cohorts, and enable clients to keep their staff connected through engaging discussions on relevant global topics, introducing new concepts and transformational ideas that benefit both staff and organisations alike.

Delivery format

All seminars are delivered virtually using software platforms such as Zoom.

Seminar options

Clients can choose individual seminars or mix and match a series of seminars, creating a personalised development plan that covers the topics they need, as and when they need them. Our flexible approach includes short, focused modules that fit around client schedules.

  •   Practical skills that can be applied quickly for immediate impact
  •   Building blocks to meet developmental objectives
  •   Transformational experiences for individuals, teams or whole organisations
We offer flexible pricing options. Please contact us for more information.


We combine unrivalled business expertise and the latest research on a wide range of current and emerging topics to deliver relevant and inspiring insights.


Our seminars have a measurable impact and create impact for client organisations – both now and in the future.


We work hard to get to know our clients. We speak to key stakeholders and we do research , understanding what works and what will make the biggest impact.

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