Upstream Economics, Financial and Risk Analysis

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Online 15 hours Flexi-date£2,250.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 5 days 17 April 2023£4,250.00
London 5 days 28 August 2023£4,250.00
London 5 days 18 December 2023£4,250.00

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    Who should attend?

      • Upstream oil and gas industry professionals, managers and discipline experts, who need to gain a deeper understanding of upstream lifecycle costing
      • Persons involved in industry oversight, from regulators, government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities, special interest and campaigning groups that need to better understand the cost constraints under which oil companies operate
      • Early career professionals wishing to advance their understanding of upstream oil and gas costing and economics issues


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      • This course is designed to teach how to maximize the return on investments by good decision-making processes based on the commercial viability of projects and mitigating risks in projects and handling uncertainty as well as the hands-on experience solving case study-based examples.


    Oil and Gas Industry Overview

      • Oil and gas market overview in global markets.
      • Oil and Gas major actors and organizations
      • Major conversion of factors from gas to gas-liquids, to barrels of oil equivalent.
      • Pricing of crude oil, natural gas based on heating value.
      • Oil and Gas contracts, PSA, Concession Royalty and Tax, Risk Service.

    Project Economics and Measures of Performance

      • Discount rates WACC and CAPM,
      • Project cash flow analysis, Asset valuation and the indicators NPV, IRR, DPI, MCE, CoC, Payback, RoE, other performance measures.
      • The effect of debt financing,
      • Sensitivity to changes in key variables. Tornado and spider charts

    Introduction to Financial Statements

      • Key corporate financial statements.
      • Review and discussion of the key measures of financial performance,
      • Steps required to build pro forma financial projections to show how a new project will affect corporate performance.

    Project Financing: Commercial Debt Finance

      • Corporate and project financing
      • Sources of debt and equity financing, public/private, multilateral/bilateral sources of financing; Senior Debt, Deffered, Price linked Mezzanine
      • Offer Structure and Risk assessment/mitigation in the offer;
      • Financing structure, plan;
      • Negotiating the commercial terms
      • Preparing the financing documents

    Project Risk and Uncertainty

      • Identifying and quantifying projects risks and uncertainty into project analysis.
      • Using statistical measures to quantify risk.
      • Incorporating risk and uncertainty into project analysis.
      • Key risk assessment methods: scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis.
      • Decision Tree Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation
      • Probability Theory and Quantitative Analysis
      • Introduction to probability theory including probability density functions,
      • Applying probability theory in decision analysis with concept of expected value

    Managing Price Risk Using Financial Derivatives

      • Financial Risk Management and risk mitigation;
      • Markowitz portfolio theory
      • physical, forward and futures markets;
      • Typical futures market transactions;
      • Hedging, swaps and options;

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    Upstream Economics, Financial and Risk Analysis


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