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Understanding British Government and Legal Structures & Systems

Course Information:

Online 12 hours Flexi-date£1,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 5 days 09-May£3,500.00
London 5 days 05-Sept£3,500.00


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    LCT 2022 Brochure
    LCT 2022 Brochure

    Who should attend?

    • Protocol managers
    • Corporate and government spokespersons
    • Government and private public relations and government relations managers
    • Government and private enterprise legal managers
    • Owners and directors of Government related PR consultancies
    • CEOs, directors and staff who deal with government or are directly or indirectly answerable to a ministry
    • Ambassadorial staff and Ministry staff



    • To understand what a Constitutional Monarchy is
    • How Rule of Law and Legislation is developed in the UK
    • To understand how the British parliamentary system works
    • To identify differences and variations in home legislative programme
    • To understand the legislative process from concept to law
    • To comprehend how British government institutions work
    • To experience at first hand one or more of the British government institutions
    • To understand the relationship government has to media, lobbyists, local government, judiciary and devolved legislative organizations


    Britain as a Constitutional Monarchy

    • What is a Constitutional Monarchy. Understanding the governance structure in the UK
    • How Parliament is constituted – the roles of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and The Executive
    • The powers enshrined in each sector of government; monarchy, parliament, judiciary and executive
    • Parliament’s relationship with the Civil Service
    • The British electoral process

    Constitutional Law

    • Rule of law and the relationship of courts to government
    • How the United Kingdom functions without a written constitution
    • The importance of precedence in UK governance and the role of the judiciary in the process
    • The role of the judiciary in implementing legislation
    • The role of the Supreme Court
    • How London is governed

    The process of legislation

    • The reason for the introduction of legislation and how the government develops its legislative programme.
    • The process of legislation before the two Houses of Parliament
    • The Committee System
    • The development of legislation by the Civil Service – From policy to legislation
    • The final debate and passing of bills
    • Proposals into law
    • The Private Members Bill – how it’s done and how it’s implemented if successful.

    Government Image and Relations with Media

    • The Government Information Service
    • The political PR system
    • The Media Lobby system and the external Lobby system
    • The Press Gallery
    • Freedom of information procedures

    VisitsA combination of visits to (at least two of)

    • The Supreme Court
    • Parliament
    • Visit to Travelers Club (The unofficial meeting place of government and ambassadors)
    • Lord Mayor’s residence, Mansion House
    • Lecture on the ambassadorial system and high-level protocol

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