Senior Management Skills

This senior management training course is suitable for managers looking to advance up the company’s management team and existing senior managers looking to increase their skill set. Managers will learn valuable knowledge and skills required for strategic management, personal development and have a better understanding of their roles and duties.

Course Information:

Online 30 hours Flexi-date£3,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 10 days 12 February 2024£7,250
London 10 days 13 May 2024£7,250
Dubai 10 days 12 August 2024£7,250
London 10 days 11 November 2024£7,250

If you are unable to attend this course on the dates above, please contact us to discuss alternative options.
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    LCT Brochure 2024
    LCT Brochure 2024

    Who should attend?

      • Board Members
      • Senior Directors
      • Senior Managers
      • Departmental Directors
      • Deputy Departmental Directors
      • Departmental Managers
      • Deputy Departmental Managers
      • Team Leaders
      • Project Managers
      • Operations Managers


      • Set objectives and targets to achieve the vision, mission and goals of an organisation
      • Apply the skills of leadership to enhance the management role
      • Motivate people and build successful teams
      • Communicate effectively verbally in all situations with all people
      • Increase confidence and influence people positively
      • Use NLP™ and Emotional Intelligence to further their self-development


    Setting Objectives and Targets

    • Where are you now, and where do you want to be, by when?
    • Plan and actions required to achieve these objectives
    • Improve organisational, team and individual performance with quantifiable targets
    • Monitoring, measuring and feeding-back results


    • Vision, roles and responsibilities of an inspirational leader
    • Qualities, skills and commitment required
    • Adapting leadership styles to different situations
    • Overcoming the challenges of leadership


    • Factors which motivate you and others
    • Achieving organisational goals with a motivated workforce
    • Increasing motivation to improve individual performance
    • Management skills required to motivate individuals and teams

    Team Building

    • Characteristics of an effective team
    • Roles and responsibilities of individuals in the team
    • Building a strong team which delivers results
    • Delegating, appraising, evaluating, coaching and mentoring skills for team building

    Verbal Communication Skills

    • Structure simple messages using appropriate language and delivery
    • Listen attentively to ensure mutual understanding
    • Generate productive and open discussions to solve problems
    • Overcome the barriers to effective verbal communication

    Influencing Skills

    • Analysis of factors which influence people
    • How to influence people without power and authority over them
    • Chairing and participating in meetings which produce results
    • Finding common ground and reaching agreement


    • Characteristics and skills of assertiveness
    • Handling difficult people with confidence
    • Giving feedback and receiving criticism constructively
    • Responding appropriately to aggressive, assertive and passive people

    Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™)?
    • How does NLP™ work?
    • NLP™ for self-management and self-development
    • Application of NLP™ to enhance performance of organisation, teams and individuals

    Emotional Intelligence and Body Language

    • Key principles, qualities and skills of Emotional Intelligence
    • Application of EI to develop teams, individuals and respond to situations
    • Sending the right messages through your non-verbal communication
    • Interpreting the signals and gestures of body language of others

    What does senior management do?

    A senior manager is responsible for a team of individuals within an organisation or department within a business. Senior managers supervise their teams to ensure their responsibilities are met and that every member of the team is performing up to business standards.

    Depending on the size of the organisation, a senior manager may be in charge of managers at a lower level to ensure the managers are effectively managing their teams.

    What qualifications should a senior manager have?

    Senior managers should undergo senior management training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage their teams. Individuals in senior management roles must ensure they are constantly monitoring performance of their team, maintaining professional excellence in their own role and providing focused feedback where necessary.

    Great leadership skills are at the core of every successful Senior Manager, as well as strategic leadership and planning to ensure the organisation’s needs are being met.

    It is also essential for Senior Managers to have the skills to deal with difficult conversations which is a necessary requirement for effective management.

    How do you advance to senior management?

    Advancing to senior management requires senior management training. Without this necessary training, a senior manager may be missing the crucial skills needed to excel in their role. Taking a Senior Management training course will provide managers looking to advance and senior managers the necessary leadership training to ensure they have all of these skills in place.

    LCT’s Senior Management Training Course

    Our Senior Management training course is designed to teach strategic thinking and leadership that will equip managers with the necessary tools to thrive within their organisation. Senior Management is an advanced management role so it’s important now, more than ever, that your employees receive the necessary training to excel within their roles.

    On our Senior Management training course, managers will learn necessary leadership and team-building skills, a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and body language, assertiveness and influencing skills and verbal techniques to conduct meetings and group discussions for the desired outcomes.

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