Pension Reform, Regulation and Governance in the 21st Century

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Online 20 hours Flexi-date£2,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 5 days 5 April 2024£4,250
London 5 days 1 November 2024£4,250

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    Who should attend?

      Those for whom finance is part of their responsibility and need a greater understanding of finance. They will be from all sectors, including private, public and not-for-profit including:

    • Those who are non-specialists in finance
      • Budget holders who are responsible for creating and managing their department’s budgets
      • Operations managers who want to know more about cost management and projects
      • Senior sales and marketing employees who have to understand financial statements
      • Senior managers who require greater financial literacy skills
      • Managers facing financial decisions or expect to make a contribution to a wider planning process


      • Interpret and apply financial information in a business environment
      • Put together a budget to justify expected expenditure
      • Develop skills in interpreting financial statements and calculating selected key ratios
      • Measure budgetary performance
      • Conduct effective investment appraisals


    Scheme Objectives, Structures and Challenges

    • Demographic pressures for reform How money is laundered
    • Pivotal role of pensions in developing economies
    • World Bank Multi-pillar approach
    • Comparison of Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Hybrid Schemes, Provident Schemes and Universal Pensions
    • Pensions sustainability challenges

    Scheme Funding and Investment

    • Defined benefit schemes – sources of funding – sustainability issues and options for restructuring
    • Defined contribution – the shift of risk and management structures
    • The structure and decline of provident schemes
    • Structure and funding of Universal schemes
    • Investments in developing economies

    The Need for Regulation

    • Why regulation is needed and regulatory structures
    • Regulation based on compliance
    • Risk-based supervision
    • Taxation models and implications
    • Pension protection schemes

    Scheme Governance and Administration

    • Purpose and objectives of pensions governance
    • Essential elements of good governance of schemes
    • Roles and responsibilities of the governing body
    • Private and Public sector schemes compared

    The Role and Responsibilities of Trustees and Actuaries

    • What is a Trustee, who can be a Trustee and what are the Trustee’s fiduciary responsibilities
    • Trustee conflicts of interest
    • Being effective in Trustee meetings
    • Quiz to consolidate and reinforce learning

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    Pension Reform, Regulation and Governance in the 21st Century


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