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Course Information:

Online 12 hours Flexi-date£1,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 5 days 24-Jan£3,500.00
London 5 days 12-Sep£3,500.00
London 5 days 14-Nov£3,500.00


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    LCT 2022 Brochure
    LCT 2022 Brochure

    Who should attend?

    • Departmental Policy makers in the public service
    • Senior Managers and Government personnel responsible for turning policy into legislation
    • Officials who instruct Parliamentary draftsmen
    • Assistants to legislators involved in creating draft legislation
    • Members of parliament, senators and assembly members
    • Legal advisors and practitioners from both public and private sectors
    • Corporate advisors concerned with influencing the creation of new legislation
    • Public affairs professionals



    • Identify the role of law in solving policy challenges
    • Influence the development of policy through legal innovation
    • Overcome obstacles to turning policy into legislation
    • Describe the process of making new laws


    Introduction to Law-making

    • Sources and Origins of Law
    • Types of Law
    • The Common Law system
    • Continental legal systems and the Napoleonic Code
    • Law and the constitution
    • Key legal principles examined from English criminal law, law of torts, contract law

    The Law Makers – Government Systems Compared

    • Institutions of government
    • Separation of powers
    • Role of the Judiciary
    • How the Legislature functions
    • The Westminster model
    • The presidential system
    • Scrutiny of the Law Makers

    Effective Policy Making

    • What is policy?
    • Sources of policy
    • Role and responsibilities in policy making
    • Setting policy priorities
    • The process of turning policy into new laws
    • Gaining buy-in to legal change

    The Law Making Process

    • From policy to the draft Bill
    • Who does what in making legislation?
    • Stages of the process
    • Legislative timetables
    • Assessing regulatory impact
    • How the Bill team functions

    Getting Results with Law-Making

    • Constraints on the process of making laws
    • Amending and developing the law
    • Compliance and enforcement
    • Avoidance and evasion
    • Is legal compliance voluntary?

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