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International Relations and Diplomatic Protocol

Course Information:

London and Cambridge 5 days 12-Sep£6,000.00


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    LCT 2022 Brochure
    LCT 2022 Brochure

    Who should attend?

      • Government officials
      • Protocol officers
      • Trainee diplomats
      • Chief of staffs


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      • Improve individual applications of International diplomatic principles
      • Understand the techniques to manage diverse protocol, corporate diplomacy and cultural intelligence.
      • Understanding critical aspects of personal transformation and exceptional leadership
      • Improve operational values in protocol practice and workforce and manage the dynamics of global environment
      • Develop strategic intelligence and transform these principles into successful action plans
      • Develop critical thinking techniques, improve decision making and crises management
      • Addressing challenges in operational and diplomatic protocol applications to facilitate positive outcomes
      • Develop skills on digital transformational applications in Protocol practices
      • Maximize Covid-19 Travel management applications and Security applications


    Introductions to Leadership & Protocol Dynamics (London)

      • Understanding the Principles and dynamics of Protocol
      • Scope and objective of Protocol Management
      • Effective Communication and Behavioral Management
      • General Management & Ethics of Protocol Practice
      • Leadership and Management skills
      • Dynamics of change management and disruptive environment (Post-Covid)
      • Protocol and Cultural Differences
      • Roles and procedures of Protocol Practice
      • Performance Indicators & Diplomatic Excellence
      • Strategic thinking applications & outcomes
      • Change management
      • Time Management
      • Strategic thinking & Emotional Intelligence

    Managing Diverse Protocol, Corporate Diplomacy, and International Relations (London)

      • Introduction to Protocol dynamics, managing the changing world order
      • Dynamics of International Relations, Cross Cultural Intelligence, Protocol & Roles of Procedures
      • Applications to sustaining Protocol in evolving times- Politics, Economics/ Security
      • Protocol History, Precedence, and Positioning
      • The Protocol for Introductions: Official Titles and Forms of Address
      • VIP Management and Official Visits
      • Seating Arrangements for Official Visits
      • Protocol for Official ceremonies
      • International Protocol and Diplomacy: The Impact of Culture on Protocol
      • Protocol for Official and Diplomatic Gifts
      • National Flags and Logo Etiquette
      • Logistics and event management
      • Personal Diplomacy and Business dining skills
      • Social distancing laws and applications in Protocol

    Commercial and Business Protocol Management (London)

      • Coaching, Mentorship & Professional Empowerment
      • Negotiation in Times of Crises – Advocacy & Lobbying
      • How to manage organizational Structure and become Relevant – Exponential Functions and applications
      • The Power of Collaborations and Partnerships in Diplomacy and Protocol
      • Managing Risk through the Pandemic – Diplomacy and Protocol Applications
      • Beyond Protocol, The Vision, Mission, and Achievement

    Protocol And Travel Management & Security Applications (Homerton College, Cambridge)

      • The role of protocol and travel management
      • International travel requirements post covid
      • Business travel management – guidelines and applications
      • Covid -19 Travel Protocols, Applications, Management, and the Human Factor
      • Hospitality and Logistics – Meeting the demands of business travel: payment methods and exchange rates.
      • Airport procedures, requirements & duties, lounges
      • Security & Insurance – Health, travel, finance etc
      • Expatriate & external visits management
      • Creating streamlined policies, systems, structure and procedures
      • Changes in rules and regulations nationally and internationally.
      • Record-keeping, monitoring, updating and maintaining
      • The Right documents, at the right time, in the right place
      • Compliance with entry requirements & Immigration rules
      • Risks-disruption to travel and proactive management

    Introduction to Virtual Protocol, Technology & Innovation (Homerton College, Cambridge)

      • Introduction to virtual protocol – Managing online activities, meetings and events
      • The power of technology in Protocol
      • Managing official social media platforms
      • Diplomatic Communication, networking & engagements online/onsite
      • Discussions and Agreements
      • Meetings at home & abroad
      • Pre-meeting preparations including seating, interpreters and timings
      • Preparing agenda
      • Order of dignitaries for entering a room
      • Managing precedence & order for online conferencing, exhibitions & Official Ceremonies

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