High Impact Leadership Skills Training

Our High Impact Leadership course covers key topics such as leadership models and theories, authentic leadership and organisational culture. On completing this course, participants are equipped with a balanced approach to influencing others, key negotiation skills, and the ability to manage change effectively​.

Course Information:

Online 30 hours Flexi-datePOA
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 12 daysPOA

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    LCT Brochure 2024

    Who should attend?

      • Directors
      • Senior Managers
      • Heads of Department
      • Team Leaders
      • Project Managers
      • Sales Managers



      • Allow participants to grasp the importance of authenticity to successful leadership and provide them with an opportunity to reflect on their own leadership authenticity.
      • Empower participants with knowledge of the role followers play in successful leadership and how leaders can use this to elevate their own leadership practice.
      • Raise participants’ levels of self-awareness and the importance to developing a balance between intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ).
      • Develop an understanding of the main stages in the human response to change and acquire the skills to manage these effectively to improve the likelihood of delivering a successful outcome.
      • Equip participants with a set of personal skills that can lead them to create deeper connections with others through making some small changes to their own outlook on life.
      • Develop the key skills of the successful negotiator and how these can be used in a range of situations.
      • Develop in participants a balanced approach to influencing others with being manipulative and to being assertive without being seen as being aggressive.


    Leadership Models & Theories

      • What are models, theories, styles and strategies?
      • Leadership styles and leadership strategies
      • Hersey & Blanchard’s Situational leadership
      • Action Centred Leadership
      • Fiedler’s Contingency Theory
      • Leadership relatability

    Authentic Leadership

      • Authentic leadership defined
      • Academic approach
      • Pseudo-authenticity
      • Authentic leadership in Practice

    Organisational Culture

      • What is organisation culture?#
      • Models of organisational culture
      • Managing corporate politics
      • Leadership and corporate politics
      • Managing corporate politics


      • Attributes of followers
      • Leader-member exchange theory (LMX)
      • LMX & organisational culture
      • Aligning values of followers and leaders

    Ethical Leadership

      • Basic ethical frameworks – Universalism, Utilitarianism & Justice Theories
      • Leadership and moral development
      • Why do leaders not act ethically sometimes?
      • Whistleblowing

    Emotional Intelligence (EI)

      • What is emotional intelligence?
      • The nature of intelligence
      • Goleman’s research
      • The ‘dark side’ of emotional intelligence
      • Criticisms of emotional intelligence

    Change Management Core Competencies

      • The psychology of change and the triggers for change
      • Key competencies needed to manage change
      • Supporting your employees through a change programme
      • Why does change go wrong?

    Leading & Managing Change

      • Introduction to key change models
      • Understanding people’s response to change
      • Drivers for change and organisational culture
      • Strategies for the successful change leader

    Personal Effectiveness

      • Personal learning styles and strategies
      • Developing personal accountability
      • Developing personas
      • Self-mastery
      • Schein’s career anchors

    Negotiation Skills

      • Pre-negotiation preparation on all aspects of the negotiation
      • Styles, techniques and skills of a good negotiator
      • Tricks people may play on you
      • Close with a win-win result for all

    Leadership Skills Training

    Our comprehensive High Impact Leadership course provides an in-depth understanding of leadership by touching on several key areas, enabling participants to unlock their full leadership potential. On this course, we explore the importance of authenticity on leadership, the balance of IQ and EQ as a leader, managing human response to change, organisational cultures, influencing others (without resorting to manipulation tactics) and various leadership models and theories. The course is designed to teach a balanced approach to leadership to promote positive management practices within your organisation.

    This course is suited for professionals at various levels including directors, senior managers, heads of departments, project managers, team leaders, and sales managers.

    LCT’s Leadership Skills Training Courses

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