Effective Recruitment and Selection

On our comprehensive recruitment and selection training course, you will learn about the best practices for attracting a diverse pool of candidates, how to assess their skills, and make informed hiring decisions for your organisation.

Course Information:

Online 20 hours Flexi-date£2,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 5 Days 3 June 2024£4,250
London 5 days 7 October 2024£4,250

If you are unable to attend this course on the dates above, please contact us to discuss alternative options.
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    LCT Brochure 2024
    LCT Brochure 2024

    Who should attend?

      • HR Directors who are in charge of designing a fit for business resourcing strategy
      • HR professionals who would like to enhance and update their knowledge of recruitment and selection
      • Resourcing managers who would like to enhance their recruitment skills to ensure ROI


      • Gain greater understanding of integrating business and resourcing strategy
      • Understand the employee value proposition and how to develop, resourcing plan, retention and flexibility strategy
      • Develop recruitment, selection and induction policies and obtain support from your senior managers
      • Learn how branding impact quality of recruitment and how to create your brand


    Resourcing Strategy

    • The strategic HRM approach to resourcing
    • Integrating business and resourcing strategies
    • Workforce planning
    • Resourcing plan
    • Retention strategy

    The Recruitment process

    • An overview of the recruitment process
    • Assessing the vacancy
    • Understanding competencies
    • Identifying knowledge, skills and behaviours required
    • Preparing effective job descriptions & person specifications

    Attracting candidates

    • Attracting the right candidates
    • Employee value proposition
    • e-Recruitment & social media
    • Advertising guidelines
    • Short-listing against your selection criteria

    Selection methods

    • Understanding and using different selection methods
    • The interviews – preparations, techniques & skills
    • Competency based interview
    • How to ensure objectivity
    • Psychometric testing/aptitude test
    • Evaluating candidates and making the right decision


    • The purpose of induction
    • The benefits of an effective induction programme
    • L&D’s role in induction
    • The induction process

    What is Recruitment and Selection Training?

    Recruitment and selection training focuses on teaching students the key principles and practices of effective recruiting. The goal of this training is to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to identify, attract, and hire top talent.

    The training itself varies depending on who you take your course with. At LCT, our Effective Recruitment and Selection training course covers various topics related to recruitment and selection, such as sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, making hiring decisions, and the induction process for new hires. This ensures individuals taking our training can apply their knowledge and skills across the entire recruitment process.

    Who is this Recruitment and Selection course suitable for?

    Our Effective Recruitment and Selection course is designed for HR professionals, resourcing managers, and team leaders who want to improve their ability to attract and retain top talent for their organisation. By participating in this course, individuals will develop their expertise and improve their skills in all aspects of the recruitment and selection process, from attracting a diverse pool of candidates to making informed hiring decisions.

    LCT’s Effective Recruitment and Selection Training Course

    This training course covers all aspects of the recruitment and selection process, from the strategic HRM approach to your new hire’s induction process. With a focus on practical, real-world applications, our course provides participants with hands-on, actionable guidance that they can put into practice immediately when they return to work.

    In this course, we start at the very beginning by teaching the strategic HRM approach and how to integrate resourcing strategies to ensure you’re attracting the right candidates. We also cover the best methods for assessing vacancies and preparing job descriptions, to ensure you attract the right candidates before the interview process starts.

    LCT’s Effective Recruitment and Selection training course covers a wide range of selection methods, including competency-based interviews, psychometric testing, and aptitude tests, and provides students with the skills and techniques needed to conduct effective interviews and evaluate candidates objectively. But we all know the recruitment process doesn’t stop there! This is why our course includes a final module on the importance of induction and how to create an effective induction program that helps new hires feel welcome and integrated into your organisation.

    Don’t settle for mediocre hiring practices. Enrol your team in our Recruitment and Selection Training Course and take your organisation’s recruitment and selection process to the next level.

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