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Authentic Leadership for Project Delivery

Course Information:

London and Cambridge 5 days 12-Sep£6,000.00


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    LCT 2022 Brochure
    LCT 2022 Brochure

    Who should attend?

      • Project managers and Project Directors
      • Project team members wishing to move into project management roles
      • Senior line managers of project staff
      • Technical and engineering staff wishing to develop skills in managing projects


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      • Project leaders go beyond the mechanics of managing a project. They face the challenge of being strategists, setting a project’s direction, aligning people, and motivating the team. A project leader is not only a business manager but also an effective leader with strong team building skills. Today, a project leader needs to set positive tones in every activity that the team performs. Specifically, they need to be more creative and collaborative and build their strategic and creative thinking skills if they are to make an impact on their chosen profession. Project leaders focus on the big picture. Their goal is to create a vision around the project to provide team members with a sense of purpose and motivation and to influence their performance to achieve success.


    The Fundamentals of Project Delivery (London)

      • Dynamics of the project lifecycle – from inception to handover
      • Governance and the project lifecycle
      • Understanding the Agile approach to managing projects
      • Appropriate use of Agile methodology
      • Opportunities and barriers to Agile

    The Evolving Skills of a 21st Century Project Leader (London)

      • Project Leadership vs Project Management
      • Selecting the right project team
      • Applying emotional intelligence to project management
      • Clarifying roles, responsibilities, and boundaries
      • Building Resilience

    Critical Control Factors (Homerton College, Cambridge)

      • Establishing and maintaining the Scope
      • Managing and controlling the Cost and Time
      • Managing and controlling the Change mechanism
      • Monitoring and managing external and internal Risks
      • Managing and building Stakeholder relationship

    Tools and Mind-set to Lead in a Modern World (Homerton College, Cambridge)

      • Developing and motivating the Project Team
      • Coaching and mentoring the team
      • Communication, collaboration and breaking down silos
      • Collaborative decision-making
      • Negotiation and Conflict Management

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