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Advanced Strategic Management

Course Information:

Online 20 hours Flexi-date£2,500.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 10 days 31-Jan£5,900.00
London 10 days 02-May£5,900.00
London 10 days 01-Aug£5,900.00
London 10 days 31-Oct£5,900.00


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    LCT 2022 Brochure
    LCT 2022 Brochure

    Who should attend?

    • Chief Executive Officers
    • Directors
    • Company Secretaries
    • Presidential advisors
    • Ministerial advisers
    • Board Advisers
    • Chief Financial Officers
    • Board Members
    • Heads of Department
    • Directors of Human Resources
    • Directors of Business Development
    • Strategic Advisors
    • Senior Managers
    • Project Directors



    • Create strategies which will enable an organisation to achieve its vision, goals and objectives
    • Develop supporting systems and structures to underpin and ensure the success of all strategies
    • Apply relevant measures of progress to enable action to be taken to overcome any challenges to the implementation of the strategies
    • Generate commitment from all stakeholders to increase strength of support for the successful implementation of the strategic plan
    • Identify and use the key approaches and methods of communication to ensure transparency and openness
    • Appreciate how important leadership is in the management and implementation of strategies and incorporate this knowledge in future strategic planning
    • Anticipate and evaluate likely and unlikely risks and incorporate this analysis into strategic management, while enabling a quick and flexible response to internal and external changes
    • Identify those factors which contribute to the failure of the majority of all strategies and prevent or overcome those
    • Revise, refresh and develop those key strategic management skills which enable strategic plans to be implemented effectively


    Formulating Strategy to Achieve Vision

    • Agree vision, mission, culture and values of organisation
    • Analyse where organisation is now
    • Decide where the organisation wants to be, and by when
    • Selecting best strategic options to get there

    Structures, Processes and Procedures

    • Budget creation, monitoring and control
    • Costing techniques and margin management
    • Resource allocation and balancing priorities
    • Creating systems to monitor effectiveness of implementation

    Measurement and Reporting

    • Setting long-term goals and manageable short-term targets
    • Building contingencies into the strategy
    • Measuring at clearly-defined milestones
    • Reporting and incorporating feed-back

    Stakeholder Identification

    • Identify who affects or is affected by proposed strategy (stakeholders)
    • Encourage stakeholder ownership through involvement in strategy creation
    • Clarify benefits and implications for each group of stakeholders
    • Turn resistance into support

    Systematic Strategic Communication

    • Two-way communication for stakeholders to inform and be informed
    • Clear, concise and relevant messages from the best messenger
    • Identify and use a variety of methods and channels
    • Gain commitment through frequency of communication

    Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making

    • Importance of leadership in implementing successful strategies
    • High-profile leadership which inspires and motivates
    • Decisive, speedy and consistent decision-making
    • Persistent follow-through on all decisions to produce results

    Risk and Crisis Management

    • Identify all risks, evaluate potential impact and mitigate accordingly
    • Incorporate strategic flexibility to respond to internal and external changes and pressures
    • Prevent issues becoming risks then turning into crises
    • Create, practise and be prepared to implement crisis plans

    Prevent Failure of Strategies

    • Recruit and retain people with appropriate skills, experience and track record
    • Clarify and communicate roles and responsibilities
    • Encourage creative problem-solving and constructive conflict resolution
    • Promote unity within teams and harmony between teams

    Skills for Success

    • Communication, including: presentations, meetings, oral, listening, body language and written
    • Delegation to increase productivity
    • Negotiation and influencing skills for a win-win for all
    • Time management for minimum effort to produce maximum results

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