Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management

Transform your HR department with our 10 day course on Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management to ensure your HR team is effectively aligned with your business goals.

Course Information:

Online 30 hours Flexi-date£3,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 10 days 29 January 2024£7,250
London 10 days 29 July 2024£7,250
London 10 days 28 October 2024£7,250

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    LCT Brochure 2024

    Who should attend?

      • Senior HR professional who would like to enhance their HR strategy development skills
      • Senior executives who would like to have greater understanding of new HR trends
      • HR functional managers who are in charge of shifting human resource management towards a strategic role in the organisation


      • Explore new HR recruitment strategies
      • Review their organisation’s approach to Performance Management systems
      • Develop a strategic approach towards learning and development in their organisation
      • Design a talent management system which is link to their organisation’s strategic plan
      • Plan a knowledge management system to retain and develop knowledge within their organisation
      • Review their organisation’s approach to succession planning
      • Review new technological development of HR software


    The Framework of HR Strategy

      • The resource-based view of Strategic HRM
      • Best practice Vs. Best fit strategy
      • Strategic business partner model
      • Types of HR Strategies
      • Development of HR strategy
      • Setting out the strategy
      • Implementation of HR strategy
      • Evaluation of HR strategy

    Reward Strategy

      • Why have a reward strategy
      • Guiding principles
      • Developing reward strategies
      • Effective reward strategies
      • Reward Strategy and line management capability

    Resourcing Strategy

      • The strategic HRM approach to resourcing
      • Integrating Business and resourcing strategies
      • Workforce planning
      • Employee value proposition
      • Resourcing plan
      • Retention strategy
      • Flexibility strategy

    Talent Management Strategy

      • Talent management defined
      • The process of talent management
      • Developing a talent management strategy

    Knowledge Management Strategies

      • The process of knowledge management
      • Sources and types of knowledge
      • Approaches to the development of knowledge management strategies
      • Strategic knowledge management issues
      • Components of a knowledge management strategy

    Learning and Development Strategy

      • Strategic Human Resource Development
      • Elements of human resource development
      • Strategies for creating a learning culture
      • Organisational learning strategies
      • Learning organisations strategies
      • Individual learning strategies

    Succession Planning

      • Effective Succession Planning
      • Strategic Approach to Succession Planning
      • Career Planning
      • Personal Development Planning
      • Develop and Implement Succession strategies

    Performance Management

      • The evolution of performance management
      • Performance management process
      • Managing organisational performance
      • Evaluating performance management
      • International performance management

    Software applications, Analytics and HR Decisions

      • Software options and Optimal HCM practice
      • Enterprise Resource Planning Software
      • Talent Analytics
      • SAS Business Intelligence
      • Talent scorecard
      • Talent Management and Advanced Analytics

    Empower Your HR Department with Strategic Insights

    If your HR team is not aligned with your business goals, you’re missing out on a key driver for success. Our 10-day (or 30 hours) Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management course is designed to provide your team with the strategic tools they need to elevate their capabilities and contribute meaningfully to your business objectives. The course covers a range of topics to empower your HR team, including:

    • Streamline Workforce Planning: Learn how to align your HR strategies with business goals for maximum impact.
    • Develop Talent Management: Equip your team with the skills to identify, nurture, and retain top talent, reducing turnover and boosting productivity.
    • Knowledge Management Strategy: Discover how to create and implement a knowledge management system that gives your business a competitive edge.

    Why choose our Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management course?

    This course is not just another HR training program. It’s a comprehensive, hands-on experience that will transform your HR team into strategic assets for your company. With a curriculum designed by industry experts, your team will leave with actionable insights and tools that can be immediately applied to your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your team’s future. Reserve spaces for your team now and invest in the future success of your business.

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    Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management


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