Advanced Sales Skills

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Online 30 hours Flexi-date£3,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 10 days 4 March 2024£7,250
London 10 days 24 June 2024£7,250
London 10 days 28 October 2024£7,250

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    LCT Brochure 2024
    LCT Brochure 2024

    Who should attend?

      • Sales Executives
      • Sales Managers, Operations Managers and Account Managers
      • Sales Directors/ Operational Directors
      • Managers/Directors moving more into a strategic business development role


      • Refresh and develop key sales development skills
      • Improve sales management methods and empower your team to succeed
      • Drive sales performance, optimise the sales funnel and improve sales performance and results
      • Create and give excellent sales presentations and pitches
      • Develop and manage strategic key accounts and strengthen loyalty
      • Analyse buyer motivation and sales psychology and its link to market positioning
      • Overcome objections and win over sceptical buyers
      • Improve communication and influencing skills
      • Move towards‘consultative solution focussed selling’
      • Build lasting relationship with clients
      • Identify the root causes of issues with clients and offer the best solutions/services
      • Develop strategic customer relationship management
      • Create a personal development plan


    Selling – An Art or a Science

      • Through interactive learning delegates will explore the factors that make excellent sales people
      • How to raise personal standards in order to encourage profitability
      • Do you use a ‘hunter’ or a ‘farmer’ selling style?
      • The background of selling and defining your role as part of the organisation’s mission
      • How to use persuasion without crossing boundaries

    Effective Planning and Prioritising

      • Account analysis, planning and time management
      • How to plan your territory more productively
      • Prioritising prospects well to ensure more consistent sales conversion ratio
      • Meeting and diary management and increasing opportunities for new business
      • Strategies for hitting and surpassing your targets
      • Researching into client, the global, market and customer spheres
      • Identify key trends in the marketplace

    Making Lasting Impressions

      • Tuning in to your client’s mindset and building trust
      • Generate influence through matching body language and increased personal credibility
      • Apply the ‘Aristotle Principle of Persuasion’
      • Becoming a positive reference top your client and building more loyalty and sales compared to your competitors
      • Becoming a better communicator using positive unconditional regard (Rogers and Carnegie)
      • Personal psychometric profiling

    Overcoming Objections

      • How to deal with client objections and still get the sale
      • 7 steps to maintain calm in adverse selling situations
      • How to use objections as a basis to develop the sale into a mutual beneficial outcome
      • Maintaining professionalism during the sales process to create a long term focus while gaining short and mid-term wins
      • Dealing with client excuses of not buying and delaying strategies

    Winning the Business

      • 10 closing styles to suit your personality and clients buying style
      • Overcoming any fear or asking for the business
      • Dealing with delayed sales proposals
      • Practical exercises to practice getting the sale with confidence
      • Creating a clear vision for yourself using positive psychology

    Sales Presentation and Pitching Mastery

      • How to be more effective and charismatic during sales presentations
      • How to deal with presentation challenges for individual client meetings vs selling to a procurement team
      • How to bring separate viewpoints together to still leave with a sale
      • The elevator pitch
      • How to present more confidently and describe your products and services using customers needs
      • Moving from transactional selling to consultative selling
      • Practical exercises and coaching to help you grow and improve

    Relationship Building

      • Become an a trusted advisor to your client
      • Using advanced influencing skills to connect to your client and get them to reveal more
      • Selling across different cultures, code and practices
      • Understanding your personal brand in sales
      • Mastering emotional intelligence and positive psychology
      • Explore psychometric profiling of yourself and clients
      • Making a plan to increase loyalty and pin that to profitability
      • Feedback of individual strategy assignment

    Dealing with Difficult Clients

      • Problem clients and handling the effects of their action/inaction
      • 5 different types of difficult buyers
      • 5 things you must never do while handling a customer objection
      • Winning back lost business and raising the stakes
      • Using refined communication strategies of world’s leading business coaches and entrepreneurs to deal with any problem
      • Buyer’s expectations of suppliers

    Strategic Sales

      • Motivating yourself and your team to be results focused
      • Dealing with ‘C Level’ selling – selling to the board
      • Getting ‘buy in’ for internal stakeholders to improve strategy
      • Increase conversion ratios and customer feedback ratings
      • Create a success roadmap
      • Develop your own personal development plan for post course success

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    Advanced Sales Skills


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