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Advanced Masterclass in Business Administration

Course Information:

Online 20 hours Flexi-date£2,500.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 10 days 17-Jan£5,900.00
London 10 days 23-May£5,900.00
London 10 days 19-Sept£5,900.00


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    LCT 2022 Brochure
    LCT 2022 Brochure

    Who should attend?

    • Senior managers or those identified via organizational talent management for fast track to a senior role
    • Public sector officials who are looking to develop leading edge business administration skills
    • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a focused course concentrating on key business skill development



    • Describe key business functions and their impacts
    • Develop a marketing strategy
    • Analyse and interpret financial accounts and statements
    • Conduct statistical analysis
    • Develop a roadmap for operational management and efficiency
    • Apply knowledgeof organizational behaviour and dynamics
    • Review and enhance their organisation’s approach to the challenges of Corporate Governance



    • Consumer Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Analysis of Own Situation and Competition
    • Marketing Mix
    • Marketing Economics


    • Operations Research
    • Flow Diagrams
    • Inventory
    • Standards and Control
    • Information Technology (IT)

    Organisational Behaviour

    • Human challenges in the Workplace
    • Motivation and Leadership
    • Organisational Models and Procedures
    • Organisational Evolution and Change Management


    • The Seven S Model
    • Competitive Strategies: Various Models
    • Implementation


    • Accounting Rules
    • Accounting Concepts
    • The Financial Statements
    • Balance Sheets
    • The Income Statement
    • Cash Flows


    • Micro-Economics: Supply and Demand
    • Macro-Economics: GNP, Monetary and Fiscal Policies
    • Market Structures: Competition, Restraint of Trade, Monopoly


    • Business Structures
    • Financial Management
    • Risk
    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Quantitative Analysis

    • Decision Theory
    • Probability Theory
    • Statistical and Market Research
    • Regression Analysis and Forecasting

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