Advanced Human Resources Analytics

Our Advanced HR Analytics Course is designed to empower you and your team with the skills needed to leverage data for effective decision-making.

Course Information:

Online 30 hours Flexi-date£3,750.00
In-House Agreed with client FlexiblePOA
London 10 days 11 March 2024£7,250
London 10 days 15 July 2024£7,250
London 10 days 4 November 2024£7,250

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    LCT Brochure 2024

    Who should attend?

      • Human Resources Directors who would like to strengthen their position in the boardroom
      • HR professionals who would like to go the extra mile in developing a robust HR strategy
      • HR professionals who would like to measure contribution of HR towards organisational performance


      • Identify the reasoning behind predictive analytics and its benefits
      • Explore various levels of analytics and their uses; showing the evolution of metrics into predictive analytics
      • Describe the predictive management model and the HCM:21 model
      • Appreciate Risk Assessment as a fundamental part of modern human capital management
      • Take an evidence-based approach using advanced analytics to develop a collaborative workplace when selecting and motivating people
      • Develop Workforce Planning that replaces gap-analysis with the concept of generating human capability
      • Change HR service delivery into a value-generating process


    Introduction to Predictive Analytics

    • What is analytics?
    • Why is analytics important?
    • The language of metrics and analytics
    • The power of analytics
    • The model of predictive management
    • Human resources analytics case study

    Human Capital Predictive Management

    • The big picture and the value of statistical analytics
    • The importance of risk assessments
    • How to improve hr process
    • The employee value proposition
    • Getting support to implement strategy exercise
    • Strategic choice and advanced analytics case study

    HCM Applications, Analytics and HR Decisions

    • IT options and optimal HCM practice
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Business intelligence applications
    • Talent management and advanced analytics
    • The new face of workforce planning

    HCM practice choice and advanced analytics

    • Business intelligence alignment of HCM
    • Decision science and implications of HCM decisions
    • Human science and selection decisions
    • HCM case study

    The New Face of Workplace Planning

    • Human resources versus human capital planning
    • Quality employee engagement measurements
    • Collapsing the silos
    • Process analysis for human resources
    • Human capital planning case study

    Optimizing selection and promotion decisions

    • Talent acquisition and decisions analytics
    • Biases and the selection decisions
    • Application of expert intuition to selection and promotion decisions
    • Predictive modelling and selections decisions
    • Applied econometrics and machine learning techniques

    Turning Data into Business Intelligence

    • What are metrics?
    • Avoiding common metrics mistakes
    • Second generation metrics: benchmarking
    • Third generation metrics: predictive analytics
    • Understanding the data vs In
    • Understanding the data vs Insight exercise
    • Business intelligence case study

    Human Science and Incentives

    • Incentive contracts
    • Complexity theory and incentive contracts
    • The application of expert intuition to incentive and motivation issues
    • Predictive modelling and incentive contracts
    • HR incentives case study

    Data Interpretation

    • Predictive Analytics for Human Capital Management
    • Using Human Capital Data for Performance Management
    • Using HR metrics to make a difference
    • Common pitfalls in data interpretation

    Our Advanced HR Analytics Course

    Our advanced HR analytics course is designed to give students a 360-degree view of advanced data analysis within their HR department.

    On this course, students start their journey by understanding what analytics is and why it’s crucial in HR. Our expert instructors ensure students get to grips with HR language of metrics and the predictive management model, which are essential for the rest of the course. As the course moves on to more complex HR analytics training, students will cover human capital predictive management, including tech options to support these processes, and how to turn data into business intelligence. Each module is designed to build on the last, providing students with a robust set of skills by the end of the course.

    Advanced HR Analytics: Where Tech and Humans Unite

    In today’s corporate world, technology and people management are inseparable. Our advanced HR analytics course offers a blend of tech-savvy tools and people-focused strategies to teach students how to use data to improve hiring, keep your best employees, and even tailor your training programs to individual needs. Designed to take your HR department from traditional HR methods to an analytics-driven approach, this course will help your organisation stay ahead by making smart, data-based decisions.

    Study Online with LCT

    At LCT, we provide our comprehensive Advanced Human Resources Analytics course online, in-house and in London. This course is not just another training program; it’s a career-changing experience and students leave with the skills to turn data into actionable insights, making them an invaluable asset to your company. From HR Directors aiming for the boardroom to HR professionals keen on refining their strategies, this course is perfect for anyone looking to advance their knowledge on data-driven human resources decisions, processes and planning within their organisation. Book today to get started!

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