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A business’ success is underpinned by effective, efficient, and confident leadership. By overseeing and guiding operations, leaders are not only in a unique position to influence and support other employees but are also able to identify flaws and obstacles, resolving them to improve the overall performance of a company. It is because of this potential that management training courses remain a desirable undertaking for leaders of all experience levels.

At LCT, we host a variety of management and leadership courses, catering to various business sectors and professional positions. Courses take place online and with high-qualified, expert educators, who work with clients to develop various and essential skills so that leaders and businesses alike are able to achieve their own professional goals and targets. Here are examples of some of the training courses we hold, as well as their individual and corporate value.

Corporate Risk Management

Endeavouring to understand a business’ risk serves as a preventative and fortifying measure, identifying threats that business ventures may encounter and protecting both employees and operational assets. Additionally, expert risk management influences decision making, guiding the direction of projects by ensuring that only essential risks, those fundamental to achieving targets, are taken.

By participating in this course, you will develop a deep understanding of the tools and techniques required for reliable risk management, enabling you to better protect your business and its assets.

Coaching and Mentoring

Investing in managers with leadership training courses is an excellent way to support a business’ success. Well-trained, confident managers have the ability to influence all aspects of an organisation, whether using their position to improve processes, knowing when best to adjust operations and delegate tasks, or by motivating and mentoring employees.

>While our coaching and mentoring course focus on leadership skills, it remains valuable for employees of all levels, engaging professional skills that can support the careers of those who wish to further their professional development.

Influencing Skills, Assertiveness, and Negotiation

Corporate environments can be both competitive and challenging, which is why we offer a course dedicated to developing the interpersonal skills of individuals, supporting their ability to communicate, negotiate, and positively influence others in the workplace. Our course also covers neuro-linguistic programming that expounds upon the concept’s background and the professional advantages it offers.

As individuals are certain to encounter obstacles within their work, it is important that they are given the capability and tools, such as an understanding of non-verbal communication, with which to navigate and resolve them with ease.

Strategic Management 

Even well-experienced leaders can often benefit from management training and development, especially as workplace developments, such as an increasingly remote workforce, continue to change the way in which operations are best conducted. With this in mind, our Strategic Management course enables leaders of all levels to improve their corporate impact, implementing improved strategies and analysis so as to support their business to achieve greater success.

Within the course, fundamental topics like recruitment and problem-solving are covered, with one of our expert educators intimately detailing how they can be best improved and utilised, while also ensuring that managers are performing to the best of their professional capability.

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