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From Taking Sales Training Courses to Staying Organised: How to Become a Successful Sales Manager

As well as being a career path which is likely to make you a significant amount of money, entering sales is a great way to discover new skills you may never have known you had. It’s true that by working in sales you stand to earn a huge amount of money – on top of your basic salary, you’ll also be able to earn a significant sum of money through commission, bonuses and additional performance-based benefits. Sales is one of the world’s highest paying professions!

However, you will also be able to learn and develop skills which can help you in a wide range of industries. For example, you will improve your public speaking and communications skills which can help you move forward in a wide range of industries. You can utilise the skills you learn during your career in sales as a base for a career change later down the line. As well as broadening your skills, you will also be able to broaden your network of career contacts and be able to communicate with professionals who may become instrumental in your career further down the line. By impressing them as a salesman, they may even offer you a job!

As a sales manager, you will be able to travel all over the country and maybe even internationally to meet new clients and secure partnerships and this allows you to be able to work flexibly and remotely. This also means that no day will ever be the same and you’ll constantly be learning. If this all sounds good, we’ve put together some thoughts on how to become a successful sales manager.

Study at University

Sales is one of those industries in which you can excel even if you don’t have a degree through hard work, grit and work experience. However, if you do study to degree level, you may just be able to skip a few formative steps and gain the knowledge to climb the career ladder quicker and more effectively.

By studying a business-related or marketing degree at a recognised university and achieving a high grade, you can exhibit your academic prowess which may give you a competitive edge when finding a job. If there’s a specific area of sales that you’d like to work in – technology, for example – then you could even consider focusing your dissertation and final major project around that theme.

Work in a Business With Opportunity

When it comes to sales, it’s just as important to accrue a significant amount of work experience as well as being able to exhibit academic prowess for your CV. Being able to show that you have a track record of good sales performances will ensure potential employers that you’re suited to a position with more responsibility.

Once you’ve left university with your business or marketing degree, aim to join a sales team in an industry you enjoy with an excellent reputation in the industry. During this initial period of employment, there shouldn’t be too much pressure to start high up; it’s worth working your way up from a more junior position and seeking a promotion during your tenure there. By working in an environment which is ripe for opportunity, you can climb the ladder and take another step towards being a sales manager.

Enrol on Sales Courses and Sales Management Training

Whilst you’re working as a more junior member of a sales team, if you feel like you require a bit more knowledge, you can enrol on a further sales management course for adult learners

What You’ll Learn

On one of these sales development and management courses, you will refresh and improve key sales skills which will help improve your own personal performance as well as provide you with the skills to help others. Being able to optimise your performance, give excellent pitches and presentations, learn how to manage large accounts, understand sales psychology and become more adept at overcoming objections will prime you for a more senior role and eventually a management position.

These skills will exhibit to your current employers that you’re ready for a promotion or you’ll be able to use the new skills in your CV to move into a higher position at a new firm.

Continue Development

After learning these skills with trained professionals and instilling them whilst at work, it’s essential that you continue to freshen up your approach as your market evolves and as the industry evolves. Continuing to attend further and more advanced courses and seminars will help you continue improving. In an industry like sales, you can always be better than you are so it’s crucial to keep working at these skills.

Practice Good Habits

As a burgeoning sales manager, you should start getting into the groove of practising good habits sooner rather than later to get yourself on the front foot. This includes setting goals and expectations at an early stage – both for you and your development as well as those underneath you.

It’s crucial as a sales manager that those who you manage know exactly what your expectations are and the goals that they should be aiming to achieve. This means setting out targets, deadlines and being crystal clear about how to achieve them and the rewards of them hitting those targets.

From your own point of view, you should be leading firmly from the front which means achieving your own goals and targets. To do this, you should be prospecting thoroughly and ensuring you have enough business in your sales pipeline to achieve your targets and being persistent with your clients. Persistence and diligence is a crucial quality to have as a salesperson so you will want to develop that habit to improve your own selling but also set a good example for those working under your management.

Stay Organised

One of the most important qualities you require as an effective salesperson is to be organised, especially when you’re working with a number of key accounts and clients who value good service. If your market is busy, your clients may simply not wait around if you have made any slip-ups which could have been resolved with better organisation and work with a competitor instead.

To protect yourself against these possible issues, there are a few techniques which can help you to stay organised. First of all, have a calendar on your desk and utilise it religiously to ensure you never double book a meeting with a client and as a tool to organise your day. Also, have an organised address book which allows you to quickly and efficiently access the contacts of your clients quickly. This way, you’ll never misplace a crucial client’s phone number just when you need it. As time management is so key when it comes to sales, save time by organising your emails straight away and strickly managing your day to ensure you make the best use of time.

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