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Four Strategies to Close a Sale

The art of selling is far more than just the close, it’s a process of investigation, confidence, knowledge and – most importantly – listening. However, if you can’t get a close at the end of the process then everything beforehand has been meaningless.

Good salespeople will be able to weave closes throughout the sales process, so the end product becomes more of a formality, however, there are a few good strategies to keep in mind to help you get your client to sign on the dotted line.

First: Identity the Decision Maker

One of the most important steps in the sales process is to ensure that you’re speaking directly with a decision-maker. This is vital to ensure that your closes are quick, so try your hardest to get past any gatekeepers and sat in front of the person with their fingers on the purse-strings.

Urgency Close

Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to close a sale if done correctly. You want to exert just the right amount of pressure on a client without being overbearing. A great way to do this is to provide them with a benefit – like a discount – with the obligation to buy now. By saying that this is the last product at this price and a commitment needs to be made now to purchase it at that price, you are offering value but also getting a sale over the line.

Sharp Angle

During a negotiation, it’s likely that your prospect will ask if they can have a reduction in price or an additional service for the same price. As long as you have permission from your manager, you can use this to your advantage to get the sale done. When asked if you could provide an additional service for the same cost, consider saying something like: “that’s fine, however, if I can do that for you, will you sign an order form today?” This then gives you the upper hand in the negotiation.

Take Away Close

If one of your clients is unhappy with the price you are quoting them for a package, you can again use this to your advantage by offering them the price they want but with a reduced service. This instils value into your products but will also see your prospect thinking about the element they’re missing. They can either then take the reduced package or pay more for the service they really want.

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