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Essential Skills For Working in Human Resources

Working in human resources is a varied job that involves advising and communicating with different kinds of people. So if you’re thinking of starting a career in HR, it’s important that you develop the essential skills needed for the role.

Read on to learn about the top skills needed to be a successful HR staff member.


Communication is essential when you’re working in HR as you need to be able to answer queries and offer advice. As the link between the business and the employee, you’re going to be interacting on a daily basis face to face, on the phone and via email. Good communication will allow you to discuss issues and explain the solution before things escalate. To have communication skills you must listen and understand what’s being said to you so you can reply in an articulate way.


The nature of a HR job means you’re handling confidential information about the business and the employees. From important documents to sensitive information about staff, it’s essential that these details are only discussed between the people who need to know. Disclosing personal or corporate information can put employees in a vulnerable position and reduce all trust in the HR team.


More often than not, no two days will be the same when you’re working in HR. In business you can’t always predict when things are going to change, like an employee handing int heir notice, for example, so you must be able to embrace the change and stay level headed.


Being approachable is key for anyone working in HR, as staff members must feel like they can come to you regarding any issues or concerns. You can improve your approachability by maintaining good communication, finding the right balance between formality and personality and being available.

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