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Treasury Management

Course Code: FIN.7A
Subject: Finance
Course Fee: £2850 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

02 Sep 2019 to 06 Sep 2019 London

Who should attend?

~Who should attend?

Those who have a direct input into the treasury function in their organisation or have some responsibility for finance and financial strategy. They will be from all sectors, including private, public and not-for-profit including
• Those who are new managers or managers wanting a refresher
• Operations managers who want to know more about treasury activities
• Managers who want to increase their strategic capability
• Managers who are about to be promoted into positions which require treasury literacy
• Managers facing financial investment decisions or expect to make a contribution to a wider planning process.
• Internal auditors, accountants who need to show CPD

Course Content

~Course Content

The Role and Function of Treasury Management
• Overview of the main activities of treasury management in the private sector and public sector
• Treasury management activities in the private sector
• Treasury management activities in the public sector
• Introduction to Treasury risks

Strategic Treasury Management
• How treasury has evolved since the financial crisis
• Aligning treasury strategy with organisational goals
• Treasury as strategic financial advisers to the organization
• Areas where treasury takes a leading role, including bank relationship management; short and long-term borrowing and financial risk management

Managing Treasury Risks
• Risk management frameworks and the control environment
• Market risk
• Liquidity risk
• Currency risk
• Effective internal controls and governance in the treasury function

Practical Treasury Management
• Preparing cash flow statements
• Using ratio analysis
• Raising finance - debt versus equity
• The weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

Building an Investment Portfolio
• Establishing investment criteria and objectives
• Investment strategies; passive, active, matching, outsourcing and risk-reduction
• Balanced diversification across asset classes, geographic spread, currencies etc.
• Risk appetite


The course was excellent.
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