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Digital Marketing Masterclass

Course Code: SPE
Subject: Public Relations
Course Fee: £2,000 + VAT (20%)

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This Digital Marketing Masterclass course is designed for anyone who is connected to the online activities within a business. In today's modern world, it's crucial that your entire team is up-to-date on the benefits of digital marketing and understand how it can be applied across multiple departments.

Utilising current case studies and digital marketing best practice, this two-day digital training course will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate your way through the world of digital marketing.  It will give you the tools to succeed online and ensure that your marketing spend and activities are providing a positive ROI.


Learning Objectives

• How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy
• How To Optimise All Of Your Digital Channels
• Learn How To Gain Visibility In A Competitive Market
• Understand Why Your Entire Business Needs To Be Onboard With Digital
• Paid Advertising - Google, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn Ads
• SEO - Learn How Important This Channel Is For Your Website
• How To Measure & Track All Of Your Online Activities


Course Content










Digital Marketing Course – Day 1

Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

• How to create a digital marketing strategy
• Strategy objectives, opportunities & threats
• Creating a strategy document
• Integrated marketing strategies


• Creating new content
• Goal tracking
• Google Analytic goals
• Website checklist
• User tracking & Live chat

Paid Advertising

• Paid advertising introduction
• Google AdWords setup and management
• Display advertising & Remarketing
• Facebook & Instagram Advertising
• Twitter Ads
• LinkedIn Ads


• Introduction to SEO
• On-page SEO
• Off-page SEO
• Image optimisation
• Google Search Console
• Local SEO
• Customer Reviews

Email Marketing

• Email marketing intro
• Email marketing strategy
• Email marketing tools



• The importance of a company blog
• Benefits of writing regular blog content
• Content marketing
• Types of content

Influencer Marketing

• What is it?
• How can you utilise it for your organisation?
• Hints & tips


Digital Marketing Course – Day 2

Social Media

• How social media fits into digital marketing                                                                                                 Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• Instagram

Social Media Policy

• Risk management tips
• Policy creation
• GDPR changes and implications

Campaign Management

• Mobile first strategies
• Measuring paid media
• Content marketing

Creating Content

• Producing content
• Cross-posting content
• Video content
• Social media image sizing


• Creating good imagery
• Image creation tools
• Image sources

Understanding The Customer Journey

• Attribution models
• Path to purchase via Google Analytics
• The complete customer journey

Measurement & Analytic

• Goal tracking
• Identifying objectives
• Google analytics
• Facebook insights
• Instagram insights
• Twitter analytics
• Key metrics


• What information should you be reporting on
• How to create monthly reports
• Utilising Google analytics
• Google URL builder
• Custom URLs

Marketing Apps

• Key marketing apps
• Social media, digital marketing and website apps


I really enjoyed my time at LCT. I learned a lot during the course thanks to the knowledgeable and flexible consultants who were able to answer any questions I had about the subject.
Recruitment and Placement Officer
Chevron, Saudi Arabia