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Advanced Digital Marketing

Course Code: SPE
Subject: Public Relations
Course Fee: £3500 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:


Course Content

Day 1 -

Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

- How to create a digital marketing strategy
- Strategy objectives, opportunities & threats
- Creating a strategy document
- Integrated marketing strategies


- Creating new content
- Goal tracking
- Google Analytic goals
- Website checklist
- User tracking & Live chat

Paid Advertising

- Paid advertising introduction
- Google AdWords setup and management
- Display advertising & Remarketing
- Facebook & Instagram Advertising
- Twitter Ads
- LinkedIn Ads


- Introduction to SEO
- On-page SEO
- Off-page SEO
- Image optimisation
- Google Search Console
- Local SEO
- Customer Reviews

Email Marketing

- Email marketing intro
- Email marketing strategy
- Email marketing tools


- The importance of a company blog
- Benefits of writing regular blog content
- Content marketing
- Types of content

Influencer Marketing

- What is it?
- How can you utilise it for your organisation?
- Hints & tips

Day 2 - 

Social Media

- How social media fits into digital marketing
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Pinterest
- Instagram

Social Media Policy

- Risk management tips
- Policy creation
- GDPR changes and implications

Campaign Management

- Mobile first strategies
- Measuring paid media
- Content marketing

Creating Content

- Producing content
- Cross-posting content
- Video content
- Social media image sizing

Understanding The Customer Journey

- Attribution models
- Path to purchase via Google Analytics
- The complete customer journey

Measurement & Analytics

- Goal tracking
- Identifying objectives
- Google analytics
- Facebook insights
- Instagram insights
- Twitter analytics
- Key metrics


- What information should you be reporting on
- How to create monthly reports
- Utilising Google analytics
- Google URL builder
- Custom URLs

Marketing Apps

- Key marketing apps
- Social media, digital marketing and website apps

Day 3 -

An Introduction to Social Media For Business

- Social media use and growth in the UK and globally
- How social media relates to your business
- Social media facts you just can’t ignore
- Finding social media opportunities and being aware of the threats
- Learn where and who your audience are and how to target them

Social Media Strategy

- Setting your goals
- Getting started with your social media strategy
- Why SEO relates to social media
- Developing your brand tone of voice
- Speaking the language that your audience need

Social Media Platforms

- An overview and introduction to the most popular platforms of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
- How to set up and optimise your business social media profiles
- Learn to find your way around each platform and how to use each interface
- Social media best practices – basic dos and don’ts
- An introduction to visual social media platforms of Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube
- Understanding what platform works for different types of businesses

Content Creation

- Introduction to creating engaging content that works for your business and for each platform
- Case Studies of successful social media campaigns
- Speaking to your industry and how to attract the right audience
- Exploring the content creation fundamentals

Day 4 -

Advanced Strategy

- Trends and keyword research – optimising your strategy
- Building your brand image
- Brand consistency – the importance of having an integrated strategy
- Execution of strategy
- Tools and tactics to maximise engagement

Social Media Platforms

- Take your social media platforms to the next level
- Increase engagement on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
- An introduction to advertising on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

Reputation Management & Risk Management

- GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation
- Common mistakes and pitfalls made by brands
- Reputation management – how to deal with negative communication
- Common/useful management tools


The course was very useful and interesting for me. I will be able to use the knowledge obtained from this training in my work on a daily basis. The biggest benefit is that the consultants oriented the content of the course to the individual needs of the delegates. I would be glad to come back for further training with LCT in the future.
Internal Oversight Officer
European Union Monitoring Mission, Georgia