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Oil & Gas - Contract Management

Develop an in-depth understanding of all phases of contracting and how to manage contractual relationships in the oil and gas sector

This course is recognised by the British Accreditation Council (BAC)

Course Code: OG.4
Subject: Oil & Gas
Course Fee: £3050 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

24 Feb 2020 to 29 Feb 2020 London
08 Jun 2020 to 12 Jun 2020 London
28 Sep 2020 to 02 Oct 2020 London


The petroleum industry depends on contractors and other suppliers to provide the skills and resources for many parts of the supply chain. Upstream activities, such as seismic surveys or drilling, or downstream work, carrying out turnaround tasks in in the refinery, frequently require involvement from specialist contractors and sub-contractors. In a world where oil prices are volatile, it is even more important to be efficient and effective in creating appropriate contractual relationships, and then managing them to ensure high-quality performance.

This one-week programme gives delegates deep insight into the important aspects of working within a contractual relationship in the oil and gas sector: for example, how does the contract management function ensure its subsea equipment maintenance contractor delivers what he has promised? How can the procurement manager change a construction contract if he discovers that the scope of work has become out of date? How would a commercial manager set about negotiating a proposed price change when the pipeline contractor says that his costs of labour or materials have gone up? These and many other important topics will be examined and lessons learned from case studies, contract templates and real-life experiences drawn from the oil and gas industry.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to: 

Course Content

Managing the Purchasing Process

Petroleum Industry Contracts

Managing Contractor Performance

Dispute Resolution in the Petroleum Industry

Contract Negotiation Skills and Practice in a Petroleum Industry Context

Thank you for the programme. I've certainly learned a lot and I'm delighted with the practical aspect of the training there was lots of group discussions and role plays.
General Manager
Petronas, Malaysia