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A Brief Guide to Personality Types When Selling

The best salespeople don’t simply regurgitate a pitch regardless of who they talk to, they amend their style depending on the type of person they’re presenting to. Being able to identify the difference and change your pitch accordingly is a difficult talent to master, however, it can turn you from a good salesperson to a great one. Here is a very brief guide to some personalities and how to amend your pitch.


Analytical people tend to have an affinity with facts and figures and want to know as much as possible about the detail of your proposition and how it’s going to help them. To handle this type of person, you’ll need plenty of qualitative stats and facts which are directly related to the client’s business. The process might be slower here, but plenty of detail will help you make an impression.


Expressive people are driven by their creative side rather than their analytical side and prefer to express their own personal take on a subject rather than ask for the nitty-gritty of facts and figures. When selling to this type of person, you should try and weave stories into your pitch which put your product to use in the real world as well as share plenty about yourself. Talk emotionally about your product and how it can impact their business.


Drivers are determined people who are incredibly goal-oriented and want to receive your information quickly. They want immediacy from your pitch and value competence from the people they speak to. When dealing with these people, it’s important to get straight to the point but remain clear and factual. Presenting plenty of evidence helps drivers to make quick, but informed decisions.


Amiable people are trustworthy and good at making relationships with people, so they will make their purchasing on whether a valuable relationship has been formed. When selling to amiable people, the key is to make yourself likeable and showing plenty of interest in your client and their business.

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