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The training was altogether excellent. The course was well organised and the lecturers were very helpful.

Head of the Minister’s Office
Ministry of Housing, Oman

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Amongst the many testimonials we receive each week, here are the latest we have received over the last year:

I really enjoyed the course. The consultants were very professional and friendly. I gained extensive knowledge during my time at LCT, and would love to come back again for another course.

Project Co-ordinator , General Secretariat of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council

I would thank everyone in this centre for being friendly and treating us very well. The course was very useful and I’ve learned a lot. The consultants were excellent. The training centre was well organised and the staff were very kind and hard working to satisfy our needs.

Engineer , Public Authority for Radio and TV, Oman

The training consultants were marvellous. They were extremely competent, knew the topics extremely well, and brought the course to life. LCT is a well organised centre, with kind and friendly staff. I will always remember this training. Thank you.

Private Secretary , Bank of Ghana

LCT is a wonderful and lovely place to develop skills for managers from different backgrounds, disciplines and organisations. I’ve learned so much in just five days and I have met many people and built new contacts. Customer service has also been superb. Overall, it’s been a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend LCT.

Legal Officer , National Commission for Privatisation, Sierra Leone

The course was put together very well. I particularly appreciated the courteous customer service and complimentary transfers to and from the airport. The consultants are very knowledgeable about the subjects. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at LCT.

Power Procurement Analyst , Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading PLC

I would like to thank the customer service team for their cooperation over the last 2 weeks. Your support was highly appreciated. You are all doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

Assistant Manager , Unicef

It was a great pleasure to be part of the course, and thank you for your care during my stay. I hope to return on another course soon.

Finance Director , Kosovo Electricity Transmission

It was an interesting training programme and we really enjoyed the lectures and the class activities.

External Affairs Manager , General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE

Thank you for everything. The course was very useful and customer service was excellent.

Deputy Director , Tourist Development and Investment Company (TDIC), UAE

LCT is a very helpful organisation. Since my arrival in London, they have offered me all the necessary facilities including airport transfers, listing accommodation (hotels and restaurant) and further guidance relating to transportation in London.

Warehouse Co-ordinator , OMV Petroleum Experts, Kurdistan, Iraq