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LCT as a training organisation has proven its internationally recognised standards.

Chief Internal Auditor
Industrial Training Fund, Nigeria

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Amongst the many testimonials we receive each week, here are the latest we have received over the last year:

The training was really interesting and useful and has helped clarify many important concepts related to my job.

IT Functional Leader , Mettler Toledo International Inc., Switzerland

LCT’s approach in customer service stands out from the crowd. Many little features and perks has made this a memorable experience. Thank you!

Business Development Director , Insignia, UK

I’m really happy that my organisation is working with LCT. It’s great corporate training institute. I wish you all the best.

Mobilisation Specialist , Supreme Committee, Qatar

It was an excellent course.

Business Development Manager , Qatar Financial Centre Authority

LCT is a fantastic training centre. I am delighted by your sense of organisation and professionalism. Furthermore, I’ve learned a lot during the course and I am now confident to face any challenges that come my way. Thanks to all consultants. The tour of London was also great. I’ve learned a lot about the UK’s history. Thank you.

Public Relations Officer , Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (Rura), Rwanda.

The overall experience at LCT was very good. The training was conducted by experts and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was practical rather than theoretical. There were video recordings to illustrate how interviews can be best managed, and role plays which were also very good for learning. The farewell lunch also gave me a chance to interact with other delegates at LCT and make good connections.

Senior Public Relations Officer , Auditor General’s Office, Uganda

LCT consultants are highly qualified, have great experience, and excel in communicating ideas, making it easy to learn.

Planning Officer , Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)

I found the course to be very good and very informative. I will take many things from the training which I plan to use in the future.

Foreman , Electro-Motive Diesel Limited, UK

I learned so much from this training. The ideas, concepts, models, and frameworks were all new to me. I now have a much greater knowledge base to carry out my role more effectively. Thank you so much for everything that you have done.

Account Manager (Finance) , Infrasat, Angola

LCT is a well-organised training institution. The staff are on top of everything and customer service is second to none. I feel this really separates them from other training organisations.

Protocol Officer , Bank of Ghana