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LCT is a wonderful and lovely place to develop skills for managers from different backgrounds, disciplines and organisations. I’ve learned so much in just five days and I have met many people and built new contacts. Customer service has also been superb. Overall, it’s been a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend LCT.

Legal Officer
National Commission for Privatisation, Sierra Leone

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LCT Training Programme 2012

Welcome to the Special 2011 Brochure Edition from LCT!

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LCT Training Programme 2012

Our team has been working very hard putting together the latest 2011-12 training programme for our clients and, LCT is pleased to announce, it is finally ready!


2011-12 Developments

Take a quick look below to see a summary of the changes that have been made for 2011-12:


More courses, more choices – LCT has revised its calendar so that courses are running more frequently throughout the year, giving you, our clients, much more choice in deciding when to train with us.


Stimulating new content – existing courses have been refreshed to keep up with the changing requirements of modern business. Clients will receive the most up-to-date knowledge to help take their businesses to new heights. Take a look at our range of courses (starting page 18) for more information.


Powerful new courses – LCT now offers over 50 cutting-edge courses for our clients to take their skill-sets to a whole new level. New courses include: “Supply Chain Management”, “Personal Development Planning” and “Treasury Management”. Refer to the course calendar (pages 9 – 17) for further information.


More extensive customised training solutions for those businesses with specific requirements. LCT has conducted tailor-made training for clients across the world – from well established UK organisations such as Toby Churchill to major international clients such as Shell, Volkswagen and Alcatel Lucent. Refer to page 6 of the brochure for more information.


Extended course offerings abroad – following the resounding success of our overseas courses, LCT has extended the course offering in the ever popular Dubai. Refer to the course calendar (pages 9 – 17) for further information.

These improvements have been made in respect of the underlying ethos that governs what we do at LCT – we aspire to provide the most competitive management training courses in the UK – in terms of price, value and, most importantly, quality.


We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon!


The LCT Team