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I wish to express my deep appreciation to all the efforts employed in helping develop my skills. Thank you very much! I wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered at LCT soon and maintain a lasting professional relationship for the time to come.

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LCT Newsletter – January 2015

Welcome to the January 2015 edition of our newsletter.


Price Freeze and Reductions in 2015

We are pleased to announce we have frozen our prices for 2015. In some instances, we have even reduced the fees. Courses with reduced fees include:

*Formulating Corporate Strategy

*Senior Secretaries and Personal Assistants’ Programme

*Advanced Dynamic Office Management and Administration

Enquire now for more information.


Catered Lunches and Lounge Area

For 2015, we have introduced delicious catered lunches in our new lounge. Lunches are provided by a leading catering company that specialises in many cuisines including dishes from the Middle East and Africa. We have had fantastic feedback so far and look forward to more delegates experiencing the cuisines on offer for themselves.


Prayer Room

We now have a dedicated prayer room for delegates. This room is equipped with mats for delegates’ comfort. A Qibla is also included for our Muslim delegates. We hope that this small measure will help our overseas delegates feel at home whilst undertaking training courses at LCT.



New Courses

*AM.5 Corporate Governance and Internal Controls for Financial Institutions

*AM.7 Pensions Administration

*AM.9 E-government

*AM.10 The Development and Impact of Public Sector Policy

*AM.12 Regulation of Nuclear Energy – International Standards and Frameworks

*LAW.3 Judicial Ethics and Case Management

*LAW.4 Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

*OG. Oil and Gas – 15 courses

*FIN.10 Insurance Portfolio Management

*HR. 8 Succession Planning

View our courses here


Updated Courses

*Strategic Information Technology – levels 1 and 2

*Protocol and Travel Management

*Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

*Sales courses – Core Sales Skills – Level 2 added

*Advanced Dynamic Office Management and Administration (now two weeks); and Senior Secretaries and Personal Assistants’ Programme (now one week)

Click here for more information on our courses

Overseas Dates

This year, courses have been scheduled in ten different overseas locations including the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and South East Asia. Click here for more information on our overseas course locations


Scheduled Courses

We have over four hundred scheduled dates in London for this year, with most courses being held at least four times per year. For a full range of our courses, download our 2015 training programme or view our online course calendar


Tailor-Made Courses / In-House Courses

We do not just specialise in scheduled courses at LCT. We also offer bespoke courses for organisations requiring training in an area of management that is not covered by our public courses. These courses can be held at our training centre in London, overseas, or in-house. For more information, visit our website


We look forward to welcoming you to LCT in 2015.


The LCT Team