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I was here last year and the training was good so I promised to return. My second time around has left me with the lasting impression that LCT is the place to go to if you want to become a better manager.

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LCT Newsletter – August 2011

Welcome to our communication update to our valued clients, at LCT

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London Riots

News of the ‘London Riots’ has swept across the globe with much television exposure and coverage of the unfolding events. What was an initial protest by friends and family outside a police station was seized upon by opportunists and, through word of mouth, this escalated into a number of disturbances across London and, later, across the UK.

Thankfully, these disturbances were not located near our training centre in Hammersmith and, as such, LCT has been completely unaffected by the events. Training has continued as usual and delegates have reported no difficulties during their time with us.

We would like to assure our clients that there is no need to be alarmed. The authorities now have control over the situation with large numbers of police maintaining order on the streets in addition to an ongoing operation designed to identify the culprits and bring them to justice. These efforts have led to calmness, order and a sense of security which is expected to last. It is extremely unlikely that the situation will deteriorate further especially now that order has been restored. London is now back to normal.



In some ways, it is perhaps fitting that we have entered the month of Ramadan, historically a time for spiritual reflection and worship. With the disturbance in London (and ongoing unrest elsewhere in the world) serving both as a stark and continual reminder of the more brutal impulses of humanity, it is important to remind ourselves of the goodness of humanity as well. As part of Ramadan, many of our delegates have been fasting to redirect the heart away from worldly activities and to refocus attention on Allah as a means of purifying the soul.

To, to all our Muslim readers from all over the world, LCT would like to wish you: RAMADAN KAREEM!

May this year’s Ramadan usher in a new era of Peace and Hope.

Trade Mission to Brazil

Ian Mann, London Corporate Training (LCT)’s Managing Director has just returned from a Trade Mission to Brazil.

The mission, according to Ian, has been a great success as Brazil is a country of huge potential and possibilities. Internationally, Brazil is recognised, along with Russia, India and China, as having one of the fastest growing economies in the world today.

Both in Sao Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro, he was warmly welcomed as large (and very large) organisations saw the benefits of quality training for their employees.

“This was,” said Ian, “probably one of the most exciting Trade Missions I have ever been on. I was welcomed with open arms throughout the trip. The potential for helping the businesses of Brazil to improve the performance of their staff is enormous. I shall be back again very soon.”

The trade mission to Brazil is just one part of LCT’s ambitious expansion programme which aims to make LCT the leading management training provider in the UK. Other projects already underway include the development of a permanent office in Erbil, Kurdistan and a number of forthcoming expeditions into the rest of Europe/Asia. Be sure to keep up to date with further exciting developments planned by visiting our website


BONUS – Tips for Success!

Human resources are essential to all businesses. You need a motivated work force in order for it to be a productive workforce. Without this, companies run the risk of high staff turnover which results in a lack of cohesion which tangibly impacts upon results. But how do you motivate your employees?

Have you thought about?

  • Making your employees feel comfortable in the workplace – in terms of a positive, enjoyable working atmosphere.
  • Making your employees feel valued in the workplace. This is the art of good management.

LCT offers a number of short training courses designed with this purpose in mind – to make your employees more productive. Our trainers are highly qualified with extensive experience in their respective industries. In following newsletters, they will also begin to start sharing valuable tips exclusively for you – our readers. So be sure to keep up to date with the latest tips for business success by reading our newsletter!