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I want to say thanks to LCT management and staff, especially for the complimentary Heathrow Airport transfer. It was a great relief to be picked up as it was our first time in London.

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LCT Newsletter – October 2012

LCT News – October 2012

Welcome to our communication update to our valued clients, at LCT.

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2012-13 Brochure – Coming Soon

Staff at LCT are in the final stages of putting together the course brochure for 2012-13. This promises to be our finest brochure yet, offering an unprecedented number of courses, course dates and overseas courses. Look out for the launch of the brochure coming soon. In the meantime, our website contains the latest information on our course programmes. Visit our website for more information.


Overseas Business Visits

In June, LCT representatives made a number of business trips around the Middle East. Over the next two months, representatives will be travelling to both Africa and the Middle East to help maintain valued relationships with existing clients and to cultivate new relationships with prospective clients. LCT’s Business Development Manager, Rohit Chandiramani, will be visiting Nigeria, Ghana, Libya and Oman. Over fifty countries are now sending delegates to London to attend training courses at London Corporate Training and we are proud to have such good relationships with our clients.


Overseas Courses

As part of its overseas course schedule, LCT has been delivering training courses in Dubai this month. These courses have become very popular over the years. In fact, Dubai has become a regular offering since 2009, giving delegates an opportunity to experience different surroundings and a different climate while benefitting from world class training. Over the next year, LCT will be administering courses in locations as wide-ranging as Dubai, Doha, Vienna, Geneva, Accra and New Delhi. For more information, please refer to our website.



LCT is currently offering the following promotions:

1. Group Discount – take advantage of savings up to 30%!

This offer helps promote the clients? overall organisational development. Training departments registering groups of delegates on the same course scheduled on the same date will be entitled to discounts of up to 30%. See the table below for more information.

2-3 participants – 10% discount
4-5 participants – 15% discount
6-7 participants – 20% discount
8-9 participants – 25% discount
10+ participants – 30% discount

2. Welcome Back – delegates who have been on a course with LCT before and attend another course will receive £100 Cash on Arrival to spend how you wish.

Please click here for more information on our promotions, including terms and conditions.


Top Tips

1. Effective communication skills may seem like a simple thing to master. However, if you don’t realise that effective communication skills involve more than just what you say, you probably confuse people all the time.
2. Knowing how you come across to others has become an essential skill.
3. Multi-cultural communication needs a sensitive awareness of local customs and practice, including dress codes.
4. The ability to speak in public is vital if you want to progress, earn more and be promoted.
5. Leadership is the ability to influence individuals or groups to think, feel and take positive action to achieve goals.

We hope to see you soon in this special year for London!

The LCT Team