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I had a wonderful experience at LCT. There were so many positive points. The training consultants were excellent in directing the course. I particularly enjoyed the class exercises and group discussions. I have learned a lot both from the consultants and from other delegates. It was a wonderful experience to sit with other attendees and exchange ideas that can be applied in our line of work. We passed many hours learning from each other in discussions which were extremely useful. We will go back home with new ideas that we will use for our work.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oman

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LCT Newsletter – September 2012

LCT News – September 2012

Welcome to our communication update to our valued clients, at LCT:

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2012-13 Brochure – Coming Soon

Staff at LCT are in the final stages of putting together the course brochure for 2012-13. This promises to be our finest brochure yet, offering an unprecedented number of courses, course dates and overseas courses. Look out for the launch of the brochure coming soon. In the meantime, our website contains the latest information on our course programmes. Visit for more information.


LCT’s New Website

In July, re-development of the website was completed to bring it up to modern standards. We are receiving very good feedback from our new website. Over the past few months, delegates have noted a number of advantages compared to the old site. Most significant has been the improvement of the user-friendliness of the site. The process to find courses, book courses and request information has become simpler, smoother and more time-efficient.

The changes can be summarised as follows:

Clearer layout – It is now much easier to find the information you want. Everything is clearly presented/structured, taking a minimal number of clicks to get there. Webpage text can be read much more easily thanks to the new design. Furthermore, there are now two separate buttons so that clients can request more information about a particular course or book it.

Easier navigation across the site – Clients can navigate directly to the different course categories from any part of the website. Other parts of the website are now more clearly labelled.

Greater accessibility of information – The sub-menu bars have moved from the right to a more traditional drop down system. Clients can find relevant information simply by hovering over the top menu and then clicking on where they want to go.

Faster access of information – Due to the improved layout.

Shorter website forms - Making the booking process easier.


The website may have changed but the ethos of London Corporate Training remains resolutely the same. We aim to deliver the highest quality management training at the lowest possible price and to provide you with a rich experience of the delights of London.


London Olympics

In July and August, London played host to the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. It was a successful games which showcased London in its prime. London Corporate Training is proud to be a part of this great city and we hope many of you will visit in the near future to experience it for yourself. We offer short (1-3 week) management courses in London so that you can expand your skill-set and aid your professional development while enjoying the delights of this city – great shopping, great restaurants, great attractions, great history, diverse cultures – you name it, London has it.



LCT is currently offering the following promotions:

1. Group Discount – Take advantage of savings up to30%! This offer helps promote the clients? overall organisational development. Training departments registering groups of delegates on the same course scheduled on the same date will be entitled to discounts of up to 30%. See the table below for more information.

2-3 people: 10% discount
4-5 people: 15% discount
6-7 people: 20% discount
8-9 people: 25% discount
10+ people: 30% discount

2. Welcome Back – Delegates who have been on a course with LCT before and attend another course will receive £100 Cash on Arrival to spend how you wish.

For more information on our promotions, including terms and conditions, please visit our website.


Top Tips

1. The key to effective negotiation is to look for a win-win solution for both sides.
2. A project gets to be a year late one day at a time.
3. When planning a project or business venture, use SWOT Analysis in order to evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities and Threats.
4. Praise and recognition can motivate people to perform. Even acknowledgement goes a long way in job satisfaction.
5. The key to motivating someone lies in understanding the individual. Find out how they operate and you can ensure that they have the drive to deliver results and move the company forward. This is especially crucial in times of economic difficulty.

We hope to see you soon in this special year for London!

The LCT Team