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LCT Newsletter – July 2012


LCT Head Office

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Business Developments      

In June, LCT representatives made a number of business trips around the Middle East to help maintain valued relationships with existing clients and to cultivate new relationships with prospective clients.

LCT’s Business Development Manager, Rohit Chandiramani, visited Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai and met with representatives from a number of large organisations. This July, LCT representatives will be travelling to India in order to assess the need for training and to meet prospective clients. India’s economy has continued to grow over the past few years, an impressive feat considering the fallout from the Global Financial Crisis. Moreover, the service sector is growing rapidly in India and businesses may well find themselves needing assistance in developing the skill-set of their managers to enhance performance.

More than fifty countries are now sending delegates to attend world class training with LCT in London and our consultants are also being sent on in-house training assignments throughout the world.


LCT’s New Website

LCT is proud to announce the launch of our new website!

We have worked very hard on improving the user experience when browsing the site. Clients will now easily be able to find courses, request information, and book courses. The changes can be summarised as follows:

Clearer layout – for example there are now two separate buttons so that clients can request more information about a course or book a course.

Easier navigation across the site – clients can navigate directly to the different course categories from any part of the website. Other parts of the website are now more clearly labelled.

Greater accessibility of information – the sub-menu bars have moved from the right to a more traditional drop down system. Clients can find relevant information simply by hovering over the top menu.

Faster access of information - due to the improved layout.

Shorter website forms – making the booking process easier.


The website may be changing, but the ethos of London Corporate Training remains resolutely the same. We aim to deliver the highest quality management training at the lowest possible price and to provide you with a rich experience of the delights of London.

Please take a look at it at and tell us what you think.


London Olympics   

London will also be hosting the Olympic Games between 27th July 2012 and 12th August 2012. This will be the first time since 1948 that London has hosted this event and represents a remarkable opportunity to showcase the best of Britain.



It is still possible to take advantage of LCT’s current promotions:

1. Group Discount – Training Departments registering groups of 4 or more delegates on the same course scheduled on the same date will receive a discount of 25%.

2. Welcome Back – Delegates who have been on a course with LCT before and attend another course will receive £100 Cash on Arrival to spend how you wish.

See page 7 of the brochure for more information including terms and conditions.


Top Tips

1. Good communication is more about listening than it is about getting your point across.

2. Rapport is the principle of ‘liking”. People follow you because they know that you understand, appreciate, and like them. This is not something you can fake. However, you can learn to adopt the strategies of some of the greatest leaders to improve your own leadership ability.

3. What enables you to focus best is a function of your unique world-view. Embracing your personal style you systematically reinforce your ability to focus, and thus enhance everything you do.

4. Learn to adapt leadership models from industries or fields different from your own for dramatic innovation and results.


We hope to see you soon in this special year for London!


The LCT Team