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I wish to extend my gratitude to the entire team at LCT who have been very helpful. The trainers were highly experienced and I will certainly use the management tools and techniques that I have learned on my return to work. I hope to come back to LCT on another course in the near future.

Human Resources Specialist
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik AS, Turkey

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LCT Newsletter – December 2011

Season’s Greetings from LCT

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Number one for Management Training

It’s the end of year and what a year it has been! In spite of political uncertainties across the world, LCT has enjoyed immense success with this year being the best on record since the end of the recession. LCT has consolidated its position as one of the leading UK management training providers having delivered training for clients situated all over the world. Clients from organisations of all sizes visited London to learn more about how to manage effectively – from developing the soft skills needed to communicate effectively and become a good leader, to negotiation and achieving a win-win solution with suppliers, to expanding industry awareness in order to make better informed decisions on behalf of the company, to learning how to manage projects.

LCT looks set to continue to lead the way forward for management training in 2012. More than fifty countries are now sending delegates to attend world class training with LCT in London and a record number of advance bookings have already been taken for 2012 with clients from across the world – Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Uganda, Kuwait, Nigeria, Cameroon, Finland, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, Pakistan and Nepal.


LCT Expansion

Our Business Development Team has also been busy making a number of trips this year including a tour of Africa to strengthen ties with our existing clients.

In addition to the London head office and training centre, LCT has recently opened a regional office in Kurdistan in the northern part of Iraq. Over the course of 2011, Kurds from a number of different organisations have come to London to learn the art of good management.

Research is also currently underway into expansion into other markets populated by organisations with training requirements. LCT personnel have visited Poland, Brazil, Morocco and Algeria this year to help forge relationships for the future.

As with last year, courses have been successfully administered abroad with our offering in Dubai proving once more to be successful. In fact, it has received such good feedback that it is now a regular part of the schedule and will feature in summer and autumn 2012. If you want to undertake quality management training in a city other than London, then Dubai represents a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons.


2012 Brochure

In case anyone missed it, this October LCT released its updated training programme for 2011-12. There are now over 50 short training courses in virtually all aspects of management – Advanced Management, Soft Management Skills, Operations Management, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, Secretarial Skills, and Telecommunications.

So whatever interest you have in developing your skill-set, take a look through our brochure and you may well find exactly what you are looking for.

Click here to download your copy now. Alternatively you can email us at for further information.


What’s there to look forward to in 2012?

Powerful new courses – There are a number of new courses running in 2012 giving you a greater choice of how you would like to develop your skill-set. LCT now offers over 50 cutting-edge courses for our clients to take their skill-sets to a whole new level. New courses include:

Supply Chain Management (OP.5)

Personal Development Planning (HR.7)

Treasury Management (FIN.13)

Strategic Marketing, Brand Management and Public Relations (PR.4)

Executive Secretaries and Directors’ Personal Assistants Programme (SS.4)

For more information, refer to the course calendar (pages 9 – 17) or look online at

Stimulating new content – Existing courses have been refreshed to keep up with the changing requirements of modern business and to take into consideration the latest developments in management. Our 2012 management training courses are designed to be industry leading. Clients will receive the most up-to-date knowledge to help take their businesses to new heights. Take a look at our range of courses (starting page 18) for more information, or look online at

More course dates – Following the popularity of our 2011 courses, LCT has increased the number of times our courses are scheduled in the year, giving you, our clients, greater flexibility in choosing when you would like to attend. Take a look at our range of courses (starting page 18) for more information, or look online at

More extensive customised training solutions for those businesses with specific requirements. LCT has conducted tailor-made training for clients across the world – from well established UK organisations such as Toby Churchill to major international clients such as Shell, Volkswagen and Alcatel Lucent. Refer to page 6 of the training programme for more information or enquire online at

Extended course offerings abroad – Following the resounding success of our overseas courses, LCT has extended the course offering in the ever popular Dubai. Refer to the course calendar (pages 9 – 17) for further information.

These improvements have been made in respect of the underlying ethos that governs what we do at LCT – we aspire to provide the most competitive management training courses in the UK – in terms of price, value and, most importantly, quality.


LCT in the News

This year, LCT has appeared in a number of publications. Highlights include:

The Financial Times – Ian Mann, Managing Director of London Corporate Training, was partially responsible for effecting change in the way visas are processed in Iraq having highlighted the inefficiency of the process in a letter to the Financial Times whilst simultaneously lobbying the UK government. In April 2011, as a result of these efforts, it is now possible for business people in Iraq to obtain their UK visas without having to leave the country. The full letter to the Financial Times can be found here.

To this day, LCT continues its work lobbying for a more streamlined and efficient process for those applying to come to the UK for management training consultancy.

The Daily Telegraph – Ian Mann and London Corporate Training were featured in the Daily Telegraph as part of an article highlighting the rewards of British enterprise into uncharted foreign markets. Mr Mann had undertaken a Trade Mission to Brazil in an attempt to secure training contracts from major utilities such as Eletrobras. The full article can be viewed here.


Office Closure Dates

Please note, both the training centre and head office of London Corporate Training will be closed between Saturday 24th December – Sunday 8th January.

We will re-open from Monday 9th January 2012.


We hope to see each and every one of you next year!


The LCT Team