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I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to LCT for providing a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills and explore our hidden talents.

Reintegration Co-ordinator
International Organisation for Migration, Pakistan

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Tailor-Made Courses

Over the years, LCT has consolidated its relationships with numerous key clients by assisting them in delivering in-house and tailor-made training courses. Such customised training solutions not only serve a cost benefit to the respective client, but also provide the added advantage of adapting the course to address their specific requirements.


The vast amount of expertise possessed by LCT’s training consultants puts us in an ideal position to develop almost any course in the fields of business and management. In order to ensure that the client derives maximum benefit from such training, our experts work closely with the organisation to design a comprehensive package. Such packages include pre- and post-assessment of the capabilities, and more importantly the skills gaps of the attendees, to guarantee the appropriate training solutions are devised.


Listed below are some examples of in-house and tailor-made training courses that have been delivered by LCT for its clients over the world:



  • ‘Managing Marketing Communications’ in Doha for Qatari Diar.
  • ‘Skills Development Administration, Supervision Skills, and Leadership’ in London for Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. (Libya).
  • ‘Professional Ethics, Diplomacy and Communication’ in Lagos for Economic Community of West African States.
  • ‘Advanced Total Quality Management and Safety at Work’ in London for Royal Air Force of Oman.
  • ‘Global Energy Market and Competition’ in Noida for Gas Authority of India Ltd.
  • ‘Enterprise Risk Management’ in London for Riyadh Bank (Saudi Arabia).
  • ‘Effective Inventory Management within an IPSAS Environment’ in Haiti for United Nations.
  • ‘Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Accounting’ in London for South Atlantic Petroleum (Nigeria).
  • ‘Management Skills’ in Muscat for Civil Service Employees’ Pension Fund.
  • ‘Managing Matrix Organisations’ in Accra for Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.
  • ‘Events and Protocol Management’ in London for Katara (Qatar).
  • ‘Human Resources Cost Optimisation’ in Russia for Premium Vektor Ltd.
  • ‘Effectively Demonstrating Governance and Compliance via Sarbanes-Oxley’ in London for Chaucer Syndicates, UK.

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