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What differentiates LCT from other providers is that they go that extra mile to ensure maximum benefits to course participants. I would certainly recommend LCT to others and look forward to returning to attend other courses.

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Oil and Gas Training Courses

The upstream Oil and Gas industry covers a broad range of business and technical disciplines which need to be led by good, strong management at the top. The industry is high risk high reward and decisions require well informed decisions throughout the organisation. Consequently, it is important for technical staff, managers and decision-makers to be well informed and have a strong grasp of the entire industry to make the right judgements at the right time. In this day and age, with the escalating cost and complexity of the projects undertaken it is more important to have well informed people to manage and execute them. Within the Oil and Gas courses section you will find training on a variety of disciplines which focus on their core topics but also frame the subject within the overall context of the upstream Oil and Gas business.

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