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I have attended several trainings home and abroad but LCT is head and neck above others. LCT is undoubtedly a leader in training corporate entities having prepared me for optimal performance and top jobs. You are a door opener into the corporate world. Thank you.

Head of Information
National Judicial Institute, Nigeria

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Human Resources Management Courses

LCT runs a number of Human Resources courses to help develop the skills of those working in the HR departments. There has never been a more important time to learn how to attract the right employees to an organisation; to select the right candidates through a successful recruitment process; to manage these employees’ training needs so they can grow within the organisation; to assess performance of employees through appraisals; and to respond to any grievances that may arise. Training consultants on our Human Resource courses are experts in their field capable of explaining concepts clearly and concisely.

* These dates correspond to courses offered outside London