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I have personally benefitted a lot from the training. It has enabled me to perform better on future projects. I found it easy to learn from the consultants as they had practical experience and knowledge, but were also inspirational and motivational. All this, taken together, has made me regard the training as priceless and I will definitely be returning in the future.

Production Manager
Tulip Ltd, United Kingdom

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Advanced Management Courses

Organisations need to be led by good, strong management at the top. Decisions have important consequences all the way through the organisation. Consequently, it is important for managers and decision-makers to make the right judgements at the right time. In this day and age, it is also more important than ever to have contingencies in place to respond effectively and appropriately to any crises that arise. Within this Advanced Management courses section, you will find training on a variety of disciplines such as Strategic Management; Business Administration; Oil and Gas; Law; and Crisis Management. Courses are held in the United Kingdom (London) as well as overseas.

* These dates correspond to courses offered outside London