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Oil & Gas - Finance

Course Code: OG.1B
Subject: Oil & Gas
Course Fee: £2950 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

22-05-2017 to 26-05-2017 London
18-09-2017 to 22-09-2017 London


The Oil & Gas Finance training program is popular with senior managers and executives. It covers the broad business backdrop to the sector as well as specific industry issues, skills and strategies.
The course includes key financial competencies of budgeting, financial analysis, treasury management, corporate governance, risk management, financial modelling, scenario planning, budget preparation and management, cash flow management and forecasting, interpreting key financial statements, key financial ratios and analysis. Formerly in the Oil & Gas industry, our experienced consultants bring real-life insight to the course. Case studies are explored in depth, examining Oil & Gas geo-political considerations and petroleum economics as well as more straightforward financial matters. Importantly, the course takes an expert view of long-term strategic Oil & Gas matters in order to contextualise critical shorter-term issues. This makes the courses especially valuable to industry insiders, particularly as a high-level induction course for senior executives who have moved into the Oil & Gas industry.

Who should attend?

Learning Objectives

Course Content

Key Financial Management Systems

Effective Treasury Management

The role and impact of financial instruments

Effective Risk Management

Practical Financial Modelling

The training course was very good. Thank you.
Senior Product Manager
HSBC, United Kingdom