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Oil & Gas - Business Environment and Finance

Course Code: OG.1
Subject: Oil & Gas
Course Fee: £4250 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

11 Sep 2017 to 22 Sep 2017 London


A traditional strength in LCT, the Oil & Gas - Business Environment and Finance training course has been popular with senior international executives and management because of the industry experience and insight of the trainers. The schedule covers the sector environments, as well as wider business issues within the sector, such as industry-specific skills, challenges and strategies. The program covers key topics such as budgeting, treasury management, financial analysis, risk management, corporate governance, scenario planning and financial modelling. The tutors, typically former Oil & Gas professionals with accountancy qualifications use case studies, based on their real-life experiences, to relate Oil & Gas matters to wider geo-political factors and petroleum economics. Significantly, the course includes these experts’ strategic view of long-term Oil & Gas challenges, as well as critical immediate issues. This is why this course is regarded as especially helpful, valuable and relevant to industry insiders.

Who should attend?

Learning Objectives

Course Content

Global Market Forces

Global Threats and Opportunities

The Cohesive Producer

Strategic Relationships

Industry Governance

Key Financial Management Systems

Effective Treasury Management

Effective Risk Management

Practical Financial Modelling

I enjoyed the flexibility in the programme which enabled the consultant and me to explore areas within the subject that were particularly relevant to my work.
Sustainability Director
Corbion, The Netherlands