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Corporate Governance

Course Code: AM.4A
Subject: Advanced Management
Course Fee: £2890 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

15 Jan 2018 to 19 Jan 2018 London
09 Apr 2018 to 13 Apr 2018 London
09 Jul 2018 to 13 Jul 2018 London
08 Oct 2018 to 12 Oct 2018 London


Large and well managed companies can create enormous value for their shareholders and for other stakeholders. But from time to time a major corporate failure reminds us that organisational discipline cannot be taken for granted. Over the last 20 years companies such as Enron, WorldCom, Madoff and Polly Peck have grabbed the headlines when self-generated catastrophe has struck. In many cases the shareholders lost their investment. Employees lost their jobs and their pensions. Professional advisers lost their reputations. And some company leaders went to prison. A lack of corporate governance, including weak boards of directors, overbearing Chief Executives, and group-think by advisers, contributed to the downfall of these companies. This dynamic five day training programme will pull together some of the common themes around corporate governance and draw lessons from the many examples. It will look at the need for the checks and balances in company structures. The course has a major focus on how boards of directors should function and looks at regulatory and voluntary means of holding directors to account. Delegates from state-owned enterprises as well as those in the private sector will gain value from time spent on this programme.

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Learning Objectives

Course Content

What is Corporate Governance?

Company Directors and Company Boards

Corporate Failure Resulting from Poor Governance

Protecting Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility

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