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+44 203 609 8690

Advanced Dynamic Office Management and Administration

Significantly improve your day-to-day performance in your Office Management and Administrative roles

Course Code: SS.2
Subject: Secretarial Skills
Course Fee: £3940 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

11 Dec 2017 to 22 Dec 2017 London
26 Mar 2018 to 06 Apr 2018 London
25 Jun 2018 to 06 Jul 2018 London
24 Sep 2018 to 05 Oct 2018 London
10 Dec 2018 to 21 Dec 2018 London


This in-depth and inspiring 2-week course is designed to develop participants’ administrative and interpersonal skills to facilitate the smooth running of an office. The course will focus on specific organisational skills such as arranging meetings, minute-taking, and travel/event management. Also integral to a well-functioning office are interpersonal skills which help to ensure cohesiveness between work colleagues. This training therefore includes communication skills (verbal and written) and a module on teamwork where delegates will learn about team dynamics, how to create a strong team, and approaches to resolve conflicts that arise within a team. Finally, it is important for office managers to organise with confidence and deal with unexpected situations and problems. Consequently, we have included important topics such as time management, stress management, and presentation skills so that participants can feel more self-assured when carrying out their roles and responsibilities. 

Who should attend?

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Course Content

Office organisation

Arranging meetings and taking minutes

Event management

Verbal communication skills

Written communication skills


Time and stress management

Presentation skills

Travel management

I found the staff and the consultants to be very helpful. This two week course has been extremely beneficial to my professional development and I will apply what I have learned within my department. Thank you.
Deputy Director
Tac Ops, Royal Air Force of Oman