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The course had a great mix of students and I have learnt a number of things about myself and how to understand other people and gain rapport with them.

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Succession Planning

Course Ref: HR.9

Course Subject: Human Resources

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Who should attend?

  • This course is designed for HR managers, and organisational managers, who wish to develop the understanding and ability to produce effective resourcing plans, manage talent and develop robust succession plans within organisations.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the link between Succession Planning, Talent Management and Performance Management
  • To highlight the role of Human Resources in forecasting future needs of business and to formulate strategies for Attracting, Retaining and Developing skilled individuals
  • To develop future leaders from within while retaining intellectual/operational expertise
  • To develop a targeted approach to identify the Competencies needed for specific positions
  • To design a Succession Planning Process and an Effective Monitoring and Evaluation technique

Course Content

Effective Succession Planning

  • Building Leadership pipeline
  • Links between succession planning and Talent Development Process
  • Succession Planning and Performance Management

The Role of HR

  • Links with business planning
  • Forecasting future needs and strategic alignment
  • Effective Performance Management Process
  • Identifying successors
  • Identifying Competencies

Managing Learning and Development

  • Strategic Approach to support Succession Planning
  • L&D Opportunities; result of Effective Appraisal
  • Career Planning
  • Personal Development Planning

Developing the Succession Planning Process

  • Link Strategic and Workforce Planning Decisions
  • Analyse Gaps
  • Identify Talent Pool
  • Develop and Implement Succession Strategy

Effective Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Tracking selections from Talent Pool
  • Success of Internal Talent and Internal Hire
  • Follow-up process